Friday, March 9, 2012

Los Locos

 Braveheart or Cheersquad leader?

"Olay, O-Lay, Olay, O-Lay...."  Are we at a Manchester United game, I asked myself at the last Timberwolves game?   As I sat there in my seat I couldn't help but notice the loud noises and cheering coming from section 121.  I had to go figure out what the heck was going on over there.  As I made my way over to the section from my nose bleed seats, I walked by the likes of Flip Saunders, Tom Gugliotta, and Ralph Sampson Sr.  Why was Ralph Sampson there you may ask?  I have no flippin idea.  When I finally got to section 121, I met the fans behind the noise.  They called themselves the Los Locos and boy were they ever loco.  The cheer squad leader's face was painted Timberwolves Blue with Wolf claws etched on his cheeks.  He was decked out in various headbands wristband, and wore a nice pair of black wind pants.  With every cheer he started, his crazed Los Locos clan would follow. I witnessed the wave, the roller coaster, the passenger seat, and some random chants I've never heard before. 

When walking back to my seat I realized how great this fan section is for the Timberwolves.  Not only do they make tons of noise; they also are having a blast. Next time I go to a Wolves game, I am definitely sitting next to the Los Locos section.

Check out this article that published on this crazy section.

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