Monday, March 12, 2012

Mac Irv Is Blowing Up!

We all know him as the fearless scorer for the Gophers, but Lawrence has moved on to another passion. You know how when most people sing, people say "Don't quit your day job?" Well, Mac did just that, and no one can blame him.

This guy is even more fearless and heartfelt in his rhymes, than he was on the court,  that it's hard to turn off the CD. Listen for yourself.

We are happy to say that we won't have to turn it off anytime soon. Mac Irv will now be the intro and background music on Kens "Listen Up!" podcast and will always frequent full STOB podcast.

Here is a link to his hit video "Hometown". Trust me, you won't want to turn it off either.

Make sure to follow him on facebook and Twitter. Show this man the love he deserves. 

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