Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rubio Possible Torn ACL...OH MIERDA!!

Google "mierda" and you know what Rubio is thinking here.

The Wolves season could very well be on the line today as Ricky Rubio's left knee has a MRI to see if indeed his ACL was injured in the waining seconds of last night's loss to the Lakers.  Folks, we've told you a hundred times if we've told you once, this is why we named our site, "Sports Tears in Our Beers."  In Minnesota sports, just when you think you have a break, you may really have an actual break...or tear in this case.  The Pups do still have Kevin Love (who was out last night with back spasms) and are still ok at PG with veterans Luke Ridnour and JJ Barea.  It's the thrill and excitement of Rubio that will be missed most, if indeed he is out for the remainder of this year.

Time to step up if your JJ Barea and Luke Ridnour.  Both are actually much better scorers than Rubio, but the shot creating for teammates, creativity, opening up of the court and magic that Rubio brought will not be replaced.  They are though playoff tested and capable of leading this team to hopefully still securing a playoff spot.  The numbers for Rubio may have been slacking a bit lately, as pointed out in our Rubio Watch yesterday, but with Rubio out, if indeed he is out the remainder of the year or for significant time, we will see all the little things that Ricky did to make the Wolves a winning ball club.

I am not too worried about Barea and Ridnour, the more interesting question that could come out of this possible injury would be; will Malcolm Lee, the rookie PG/SG from UCLA, now be suiting up if Rubio is indeed out?  I certainly hope so, even if Rubio isn't out I'd like to see him.  Lee showed some serious flashes in the preseason prior to a knee injury of his own (torn meniscus) and this could be his chance to get out from behind the two vets and Rubio and get some regular season court time.  Lee could very well be the positive that comes out of this very negative moment for the Pups. 

For now though, hopefully "Plan B", vets stepping up and Lee making positives out of negatives isn't necessary.  Maybe, just maybe, Rubio's youthful ligaments will be flexible enough to keep this knee injury a sprain instead of a tear.  All Wolves fans, as well as I am sure just some admirers from afar, are hoping that is just the positive news we get from the MRI today.  If not, Pup's fans will have to add yet another year to the two they already waited just to get Rubio stateside, to see a full season of his brand of basketball magic.

Fingers crossed...

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