Friday, March 16, 2012

STOB Music Suggestion: Alex Clare

Clare's music is bad ass...just like us...according to our mom's.

Here at STOB we like giving you some music that maybe you haven't heard of yet.  We have brought you Pretty Lights and Mac Irv recently.  Today we introduce you to Alex Clare.

I assume most STOB'ers by now have seen the commercial, the little frog starts crawling on the background and this sweet song starts playing.  If you're like me, you think, "What the hell is that song, and who is the artist?"  If you did think that and like me then hit Google, not Bing...sorry Bill Gates, and searched "What song plays during the new Internet Explorer commercial?"  You would've learned that it was Alex Clare and the song was "Too Close" off of his album The Lateness of the Hour.  So I headed over to Itunes, ready to download the song at the least and more than likely the full album.

No can do friends.  Only two singles available for us States-siders, "Up All Night" and "Too Close" which are both good songs but unfortunately are all that we get for now.  Yup, the full album is still only released in the UK.  I have scoured the internet for all of a half hour and am yet to find a US release date.  I'll keep trying but I wanted to give all STOB'ers a chance to listen to all of this dude's bad ass music now.

So with the help of SoundCloud I can do just're welcome.

Honestly I like all the songs.  Clare mixes a great blues influence in his music with modern dance beats, funk, pixie dust and a whole bunch of other crap and melds it all together in a great combination that is tough not to listen to over and over again.  So here is your weekend mix, crank this all weekend long as you enjoy the amazing weather we are having or while you are recovering from St Patrick's Day.

Also, even though we love that IE-9 and Microsoft used "Too Close" as their music for their most recent commercial, we personally favor Google Chrome as a browser to view STOB...we just look better on it....and it is tough to make our three ugly mugs look good so that is quite the technological achievement by Google.

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