Sunday, March 4, 2012

Talkin T-Wolves

Before I begin, I would just like to thank the STOB crew for recruiting me to be a contributor to this great blog. I've been waiting patiently for quite some time boys but I knew my time would come!

Let's get into today's topic...

The T-Wolves snapped their 2 game skid last night with an impressive win at Portland. I feel this is one of the most impressive wins of the year for this young team not only because they put up 122pts on the road, but that they finished a 4 game West Coast road trip on a strong note. The T-Wolves finish 2-2 on the 4 game West Coast road in Minnesota will be happy with that.

Notes to the game:

-K Love scores a ridiculous 42pts (1 shy of his career high)
-Rubio dishes out 12 assists (10 in the first quarter alone)
-Martell Webster faces his former team and puts up 21 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks
-Wesley Johnson commits 4 personal fouls in just 9 minutes of play

I know the Wolves really do not have much going on at the #2 position but something needs to change here. I am really tired of watching the train wreck that is Wesley Johnson. This guy just cannot shoot, period. Here are some of Mr. Johnson's 2011-2012 stats:

-39% FG
-57% FT
-Avg 5.8 PPG

I know Ridnour is a much smaller option at #2 but at least he will be able to shoot. I feel a trade of some sort to fill in that #2 spot would be this teams best option (cough Michael Beasley)

As it stands today, the T-Wolves are 19-19 and are 1.5 games back from the #8 seed in the Western Conference.

The T-Wolves are back at home tomorrow night to face a very tough Clippers squad (yours truly will be sitting in the 2nd row) Check back soon for my Clippers/T-Wolves game recap.


  1. Nice first post.

    I do agree with the Wes Johnson assessment. I understand shooting slumps, but while in a slump, you have to contribute in other ways, and fouls isn't one of them.

    I wish the T-wolves would pursue Courtney Lee from Houston. Compared to Wes, he's a better shooter and defender. His career averages are:

    44% FG
    38$ 3PT
    84% FT
    9.6 PPG

    He can play either SG or SF and has more strength than Wes. Playing behind Kevin Martin, he's not getting many minutes anyways and I believe we can get him cheap.

  2. It's hard to say Wes Johnson is in a "shooting slump" because that would imply he was shooting well at one point...

  3. Over the last 10 games he has shot 45.9%, he is looking a bit more confident. Last night he got some real cheap fouls called on him when he was guarding Batum. I, for some reason, still believe in Wes. There is zero value in trading him, so he'll be around. I am definitely still cool with bringing in a true SG though. That then allows Wes, to play his best position which is SF.

    Give him a good off season with Adelman and his staff and I think we see a new Johnson (as well as Williams fyi). Think about what we've seen from Wes and what he has dealt with. A rookie year on a horrible team, playing out of position with an inept coaching staff, that rolled into a lockout off season with no coaching staff (since it wasn't allowed), into a shortened training camp with a new coaching staff with different expectations.

    Bright side, with all of that the Wolves are in a playoff hunt and will be that much better after this full off season with the coaching staff. (example of what they can do would be what Sikma has done with Pekovic...and that is within the season)