Saturday, March 17, 2012


Lehigh's D kept Duke and Rivers bottled up...

I predicted a Duke loss in the second round to Xavier, I lacked confidence in this year's team.  I am one of the bigger Duke fans out there, but I just didn't see this year's team having "it".  Little did I know (my cat Garfield knew, he beat me in pick'em last year and correctly picked Lehigh) that Lehigh would upset this underwhelming Duke squad in the first round.  So while I am pissed that Duke didn't pull a 2010 and make an unforeseen run to the title this year, I am not too upset as I couldn't convince myself they'd make it out of the first weekend.

Now my focus is on "Anyone but Kentucky", I just want anyone, yes even UNC, to win instead of cheatin' Calipari.  So go Iowa State!

My other focus is on Austin Rivers and whether or not he will pull a Kyrie Irving and jump to the NBA after only his freshman campaign.  I don't think it'd be a smart move for him.  He needs to develop a more consistent jumper and better decision making.  On the other hand, for Duke's sake, I am not convinced that it wouldn't be better if he did flee to the paycheck.

Shabazz Muhammad is the #1 recruit in the country, and it seems he is waiting to make his announcement on his college intentions (Duke and Kentucky seem to be his top two) until after the stars from his potential suitors announce to either stay or go to the NBA.  If Rivers goes, I think Duke gets the upper hand, if he stays, I think Calipari and Kentucky win the recruiting battle for yet another year.

Well sit back, relax and watch the rest of the tourney now Duke fans.  The pressure is unfortunately off.  Look for a Sweet 16/Elite 8 preview next week.

I am off to drink green beer...good day!

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