Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beer Suggestion: Guinness Black Lager

Saturday is a day for beer.  So today I headed over to the liquor store looking for a six pack of something I have wanted to try for a while now, but haven't had the chance or have failed to remember when at the liquor store in previous trips.  Guinness Black Lager (4.5% Alc/Vol%) has been out for quite a few months now, and ever since the first time I saw the commercial I had this thought, "What the hell does that taste like?"  With that very thought in my head I set out to answer my question tonight.

I have been pleasantly surprised.

As I write this I am 1/4 through my second Black Lager, and I am actually liking number two better than number one.  Here is my everyday guy's explanation of the flavor:  It tastes like if you took 30% Guinness Draught, 60% Newcastle Brown Ale and then topped it off with 10% Summit EPA and mixed it together.  First taste when it hits you is malty, then it rolls through and you get the taste of the original Guinness with it's mix of coffee and chocolate and as it hits the back of your tongue you get the quick hit of the Summit, then it finishes with a barley/malty mix that is very nice.  By no means is this as heavy of drinking experience as the original Guinness, it is a bit more of a easy drinker and has more carbonation than both Newcastle and Guinness Draught.

My suggestion on this brew for Guinness drinkers, or anyone, would be if you are out this summer on a patio, and it is a hot day, and although you like Guinness, it just isn't the best day for it, go for a Black Lager instead.  This way you get your hit of Guinness that you are such a fan of, only you get it in a lighter experience much better suited for a hot day.  Just like some people up in Minnesota have summer and winter cars (or tires) this can be a Guinness aficionados summer brew to pair with their more cold weather pal Guinness Draught.

It's Saturday kids, and according to my clock you have a little under three hours (if in Minnesota) to get yourself out to the nearest liquor store to grab a six'er of Black Lager to try for yourself tonight.

Guinness Black Lager gets the STOB Stamp of Approval! Go forth and drink responsibly...and as Derrick would say "stay thirsty my friends."

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