Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boston Rejuvenated After Visit to Target Field

If you’re a slumping team, the Twins are the cure for what ails you.  Boston limped into Target Field on Monday, seemingly with their season on the line.  The Twins rolled over and let Boston refuel their hope meter at Target Field.

The Twins problem is very obvious.  Starting pitching.  Here are the Twins starting pitcher’s ERAs: 11.02 (Liriano), 7.53 (Blackburn), 7.15 (Marquis), 6.89 (Hendriks), 4.73 (Pavano).  That’s their average ERA is 7.46!  Think about that!  That means if our starters go 6 innings, on average they will have given up about 5 runs by that time.  You can’t compete with numbers like that.  Gardy said as much after the loss on Tuesday night, and followed it with a meeting with pitchers and catchers after the loss on Wednesday night.

I know the Twins didn’t get clutch 2 out hits and so it’s easy to think about blaming the offense, but the reason they needed those 2 out hits is because our pitching dug a hole that is almost impossible to climb out of.

The rally in the 6th inning of Wednesday night’s 7-6 loss would usually be enough for most teams to win the game, but the Twins pitching is so bad right now that we were still behind after putting 5 up in the middle innings.

Mercifully, the Twins done with the AL East for a while.  The struggling Royals are in town for a weekend series against the Twins.  The Royals are under-achieving largely due to coming up short in key situations.  Like the Twins, their starting pitching isn’t great, but it hasn’t quite been the hit parade Twins pitchers have treated us to.  It will be interesting to see which team can take advantage of the other team’s pitching over the course of this series.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Eric Miller

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