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NBA Playoffs: Who Ya Got?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="578" caption="Who will be "Faith Hilling" like Cartmen after the Finals?"][/caption]

Who will be "Faith Hilling" in a celebratory, "Eff yeah!", following a NBA Finals victory this year?  Will the old great one Kobe Bryant allow his big man Andrew Bynum enough touches that the Lakers make a run?  Is OKC ready to take the throne with the scoring champ Durant?  Or will Westbrook look to steal the show too often and lead them to their demise?  Will Lebron stop shitting himself in the fourth quarter long enough to lead the team with the most talent overall and most talented player overall to a title? Will Dirk "Dirk-i-fy" the playoffs again this year and lead the Mavs to back to back titles?  Could Derrick Rose's body hold up enough, and his teammate's give him enough support, so that the Bulls can use their defense to win a title?  How many m-f'ers will KG get to bark out?  All of these questions and more are looming as the NBA Playoffs start tomorrow.

Let's take a look-see at the matchups and get some predictions.

Eastern Conference -

1)Chicago Bulls  vs. 8)Philadelphia 76ers

Philly is a nice story and all but Chicago isn't going to go down in round one.  Really that is all you need to know.


4)Boston Celtics vs. 5)Atlanta Hawks

Could be a good match up here.   Rondo has carried the Celts all year with amazing assist numbers.  The Hawks are pretty much the same thing we've seen in the Joe Johnson/Josh Smith/Al Horford years, good but not really good enough.  The Hawks athleticism should give the aging Celtics issues, this one could go the distance.


3)Indiana Pacers vs. 6)Orlando Magic

No Howard = Magic screwed.  Pacers are gritty and tough.  They don't have the high level superstars like the Miami's or Chicago's, but they have a ton of talent all across the board that all play hard.  Hibbert doesn't have to worry about Howard.  If Orlando can shoot the heck out of the three, they may win a couple of games.


2)Miami Heat vs. 7)NY Knicks

Lebron needs to take over in the fourth quarter in this playoffs, and he need to start in round one to shut up people like me who say he is a wuss and shies away from the big shot at the end of games.  He is going to win the MVP this year, time to start putting up MVP type efforts when it really counts, 4th quarter.  Playoffs.  Get it done.  Or get ready to be ridiculed.


Western Conference -


1) San Antonio Spurs vs. 8)Utah Jazz

The Spurs are much like the Lakers.  Trying to relive championship years as their championship window is getting very close to shutting.  Spurs get a pretty good matchup, style wise, in the first round with Utah.  Look for a coming out party from Gordon Hayward, kid is a stud and has some Ginobli characteristics to his game.


4)Memphis Grizzlies vs. 5)LA Clippers

Probably one of the more entertaining first round matchups with athletes galore.  My biggest question going in is; who is going to guard and slow down Rudy Gay for the Clips?  My second question; will Marc Gasol make it through the series without being posterized by Griffin?


3) LA Lakers vs. 6)Denver Nuggets

To me the Nuggets are one of the more dangerous teams in the playoffs.  I think they have the ability to beat anyone, but get a tough draw in round one with the Lakers.  Look for the Nuggets to try to use their speed and athleticism to get past the Lakers.


2) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 7)Dallas Mavericks

More than likely the end of the road is round one for the reigning champs as they get the fun of trying to stop Kevin Durant.  Hey, you know who would be a good guy to put on Durant?  Lamar Odom.  What is he up to these days?


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So there ya have it folks, enjoy the playoffs!


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