Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twins take 2 from the Angels

I ended my last post after the Baltimore series by saying, “Ask yourself which scenario is more likely: 1. The Twins open the season with 2 series losses.  2.  The Angels open the season with 2 series losses.”  If you answered number 2, you’re better at predicting the baseball future than almost everyone else.

The Twins miraculously took 2 out of 3 from the Angels.  After dropping the first game 5-1, I wondered if it was possible for the Twins offense to look anything like what they had started to put together in Spring Training.  But the bats woke up on Wednesday night in a 6-5 win, and continued the party Thursday.  How big was the offensive explosion on Thursday?  The Twins scored 10 runs on 20 hits.  That is more offense than in the entire Baltimore series (in which they scored just 5 runs on 15 hits).
The most enjoyable moments in the series came on Thursday with Mauer and Morneau coming through with big home runs.  Earlier in the game, both Mauer and Morneau popped out with the bases loaded as “boos” began to rain down on the former MVPs.  Mauer’s next at bat sent a 3 run shot into the right field bleachers, and Morneau launched a ball into the second deck of right center to give the Twins the lead in the 8th.  Every boo was forgotten after that.
It’s hard not to love Josh Willingmham right now... at least when he’s not making ridiculous errors in left.  With a bat he’s as good as gold.  3 home runs in 3 home games makes a few bad routes to fly-balls forgivable.
Up next we welcome Joe Nathan and the Texas Rangers to Target Field.  It should be an interesting series with Yu Darvish scheduled to pitch on Saturday.

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  1. Photo caption: Morneau, "Joe, my head hurts." Mauer,"I can't feel my legs."

    You know...cause they are always hurt...n'stuff...