Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vikings Toke...I mean Take...a Risk with Jerome Simpson

Here is a picture of Simpson getting high.

Jerome Simpson is coming off of a career season in which he recorded 50 catches for 725 yards and 4 touchdowns and has just agreed Tuesday to a one year contract with the Minnesota Vikings.  He also just got out of jail Friday after serving a 15 day sentence on a felony drug charge after being convicted of drug trafficking when he had 2 lbs of marijuana that was being sent to his home intercepted by authorities.  Yes, he was released from jail on 4-20...hilarious indeed.

A bit of a risk by the Vikings as they are already knee-deep dealing with CB Chris Cook's domestic assault charges, even though he was cleared of the charges, hard feelings are still there by fans.

So with that is this a good move?

I say yes.

The Vikings need wide receiver help and the 4th year pro Jerome Simpson (though he will be suspended for 3 games due to his charge) seems like an up and coming solid wide receiver.  Simpson is a 6-2 freakishly athletic wide out that will pair nicely with the smaller, speedy Percy Harvin.

See Simpson proving his freakish athletic ability here:


There is the possibility though that signing a convicted felon, along with welcoming back in a guy who just cleared domestic assault charges, all while trying to get public support for a new stadium isn't a great idea.  For the Vikings, bringing in guys who have shaky past's has worked in some cases, see Jared Allen, and failed in others, see Koren Robinson.

Where Simpson fits in will be up to him, the Vikings for their part didn't invest in the long-term with Simpson and that is smart move.  They only signed him to a one year contract, which will work as an incentive to Simpson to keep on the straight and narrow in hopes of than landing a long-term contract after another solid season on the field.  Yet, he was a free agent after this past season as well, and so that same incentive should have been there when he was a member of the Bengals and it didn't work.

The Vikings hope that Simpson and Cook have learned their lessons, as they both have considerable talent and positions in which the Vikings are lacking.


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