Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Learned this Weekend

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Remember back when you were in school?  You'd come home and your parents would ask, "So, what'd you learn in school today?"  A simple question really and one that is more than appropriate from the parent, yet for some reason never gets much of an answer.  How often did I say anything more than, "Nothin'," in response to that question?  Never.  I always said some form of: nothing, not much, same old same, meh, oh you know, and eaahuh (that kind of humming out "I don't know" that people do).  As a reader, you are looking at the title of this post and thinking, "Now you do have an answer for what you learned this past weekend?" Yes loyal STOB guy that always asks me questions or makes fun of me in my posts so that I can then build a post from said question or ridicule.  I did learn something this weekend and I'd love to share it with you.

Torn ACLs suck nuts -

I actually learned this lesson way back in March when it happened to Ricky Rubio.  Come to think of it, I actually learned it back in December when Adrian Peterson tore his against the Redskins.  This weekend in particular though I learned it via Derrick Rose's ACL going pop and Iman Shumpert's ACL going kablooey as well.  I am not a Bulls fan.  I am a NBA fan though and it is bad for the game to have one of (if not the...yes I think it is arguable) the best players in the league go down at the very start of the Playoffs.  I am no longer interested in the Bulls series with the 76ers and will likely not be interested in their next series if they do advance.  It blows, but Chi-Town STOB'ers, know that here in Minnesota we feel your pain but at least you made the playoffs.


Mock Drafts have as much value as pretending you won the lottery   LOL...JK...Make sure you read STOB's Mock Drafts... :) -

I studied the draft, I watched a solid amount of college football and did more reading post season about the kids coming into the NFL Draft to put together a solid mock draft (or FOUR) and then watched it all get crapped away over the weekend.  What was the point of that?  I don't know, I am glad my accuracy was just as good if not better than most of the "experts" on the big sites, but still that just means my mock sucked a bit less. Really it's all just a big, slightly educated guess-fest for team's fans to read and hate or love the fake world in which the mock depicts, when in reality that mock draft is only going to be slightly correct in the first 10 picks and nowhere close to right the rest of the way.  With that said, look for STOB's first NBA Mock Draft to come out later this week...


The Descendants is a good movie -

Very simple and straight forward movie.  Good stuff though.  If it is not on your Netflix Queue (<--weirdest word ever) you should add it.


Bumping a NBA official is a bad idea -

Even if he did trip, there was no need for Rondo to go after the ref.  Atlanta's path to the second round of the playoffs maybe a bit easier now.


Beer Can Chicken is really freakin good -

Again, just like with ACLs and their sucking of balls, I learned this prior to this weekend but then had the information re-affirmed.  Beer+Chicken = Good...simple equation.


Lebron's douchey-ness rubbed off on his shoe designer...or vice versa -

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STOB's D-Bag of the Year 2012 has a new leader in the clubhouse!  It is Nike shoe designer Jason Petrie, the designer of Lebron James shoe.  After D-Rose went down with his torn ACL, Petrie-dish tweeted the following, "You got one guy only getting stronger, and one guy breaking down before our very eyes. You chose poorly Pooh... #shouldasignedwithNIKE #GWS."  Good one Petrie, way to take joy in Rose's brutal and possibly career changing injury.  Way to rip a guy who isn't a scared little biatch and actually leads his team by himself to title aspirations and doesn't give up and run to his pal Wade's leadership cocoon when it doesn't work out a couple of times.  Way to rip a guy who is a class act, unlike your tool bag boy Bron who took his (for the regular season and only 3 quarters of a game in the playoffs) "talents" to South Beach and left his home town in disarray.   Petrie for STOB's D-Bag of the Year 2012 campaign has begun and I might be the campaign manager.  Derrick and Ken already have him slotted as a one or two seed in the upcoming D-Bag bracket on STOB.


Memphis looks domin.....wait what? They lost? -

How the heck did Memphis lose?  I admit I turned it off after the 3rd quarter so you'll have to fill me in.


The Vikings like to pick teammates -

Over the weekend the Vikes picked up teammates S Harrison Smith and CB (soon to be S as well) Robert Blanton from Notre Dame.  They also picked up Arkansas teammates and wide receivers Jarius Wright and Greg Childs.  From USC the Vikes picked OT Matt Kalil and then picked up TE Rhett Ellison.  At CB they picked Josh Robinson who was teammates with current Viking T Patrick Brown, both from Central Florida.  Already on the team from South Florida are S Mistral Raymond and OLB Tyron McKenzie.  They also signed John Carlson at tight end this off-season to play opposite his old Notre Dame teammates TE  Kyle Rudolph and C John Sullivan.  We will see if having all of these college teammates together again in the NFL will lead to success...


The idea of color images hasn't reached Brooklyn, NY -

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="475" caption="Don't adjust your is just black and white..."][/caption]


Growing a beard sounds like a good idea -

That's right I am thinking about growing a beard and am one week into it.  Now that isn't that exciting since I only shaved once a week in the first place.  Yet, this Sunday instead of shaving, I just did a bit of neck trimming and let the bad boy keep going.  Issue is Mrs. Duke doesn't approve all that this could be very short lived...stay tuned for updates and possible pics.


Andrew Bynum > Dwight Howard.


Alright that is all I learned this past weekend.  Post in the comments what you learned and you get a special prize!

UPDATE - I just learned we have no prize for posting in the comment section...


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