Friday, May 4, 2012

Letter from STOBer to representative Zellers


With all of the Minnesota Vikings stadium debate over the past year, people are starting to get fed up with the Minnesota representatives and the flip flopping they have been known for.  A long time Vikings fan and STOB reader copied me on this email he sent to the capital and encouraged everyone else to voice their frustrations with this dilemma.

Dear Mr. Zeller,

I was very disappointed to hear of the new plan for the Vikings stadium that was introduced yesterday by you. Maybe this could have worked had it been introduced long ago. As a Vikings fan and a life time Minnesotan I have been embarrassed by the entire states representative’s. Please get this stadium deal done. It is time to stop the posturing, the he said this so I don’t want this, and the “I won’t vote for this because she voted for that”.  Do what is right for our state and not what the guy with the checkbook wants. This goes for many things in this state from gambling to fireworks.


Very Disappointed

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