Thursday, May 3, 2012

NBA Playoffs Checkup

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Missed some of the first few games of the NBA Playoffs?  You're not alone, according to Sports Media, TNT's ratings for the playoff games are down from last year.  STOB has your back though, we will get you all caught up on the happenings.  Before I get to the NBA though, let's kill two ACLs with one misstep (Shumpert/Rose?...actually it was two missteps but work with me and my horrible joke).  Missed some of the first games of the Twins season?  STOB has your back there as well, they suck.  OK, now that the MLB is out of the way, to the NBA for that check in of the playoffs and a check in on which of the STOB Crew is looking the best in their playoff predictions.

The Good -

Lakers and Andrew Bynum

Hello!  I've said it before, but if you pair up Kobe Bryant (even at his advanced age) with one of (if not the) top centers in the league, you have a great chance at winning a title.  Well guess what?  Andrew Bynum, to me, is the best center in the league and is proving it in the first round of the playoffs.  Through two games Bynum's numbers are impressive, 18.5 ppg, 11 rpg and 6 bpg.  Pair Bynum with Kobe's 34.5 ppg so far and you've got a title contender.  Mitch Kupchak is thanking the heavens he didn't trade Bynum for Dwight now.

The ol' boys still got it

The senior Spurs are making the baby Jazz look like idiots.  If you thought the championship window for Parker, Ginobli and Duncan had closed, think again.

OKC/Dallas series is must see TV

I already said the ratings are a bit down, but they shouldn't be for this match up.  You have the reigning champs in Dallas fighting to defend their title against the young, and oh so good, Oklahoma City squad.  Durant vs. Dirk in a battle of superstars.  Westbrook vs. Kidd in a battle of, different, but great point guards.  Harden vs. Terry in a battle of 6th men extraordinaire.  In general, this isn't a match up you'd expect to see in the first round, and because of that, it is a treat.  For both teams though, if the series continues to be the battle the first two games were, they may struggle with fatigue in later rounds against teams that had easier first round match ups (ex. Lakers in the 2nd round).

Heat look really good

But I hate them (outside of Shane Battier...Go Duke!) so I don't care, but if it floats your boat congratulations.


The Bad -

Pacers/Orlando series is the opposite of must see TV

I am not sure Dwight Howard being added to these games would help much since he is as offensively gifted, outside of dunking, as the Minnesota Twins last night (heyo).  These games have been ugly and pretty much un-watchable.  Unless you love watching Big Baby Davis and Jameer Nelson two-man game offensively for the Magic.  If Howard is trying to prove the point he needs help in Orlando for him to consider signing long-term by getting "injured" for these playoffs, then his point has been made.

Memphis collapse

If Memphis had continued their utter dominance of the Clippers in game one and not choked away a 27 point lead in the fourth quarter, they'd be talked about now as a serious contender.  Instead they are an "also ran" that isn't expected to get past the Spurs.  Win game 1 in the dominating fashion in which they were winning it, and people would be referring to their 8 seed over a 1 seed upset from last year over the Spurs and how the Grizz could be representing the West in the Finals.

The Knicks

Getting completely outclassed by the Heat.


The Ugly -

Derrick Rose's Injury

Horrible loss for the Bulls.  Horrible loss for every NBA fan that loves watching Derrick Rose play.  Horrible loss for the fans, Bulls and the league for not getting a "Derrick Rose vs the Heat" Eastern Conference Finals.  To sum it up, horrible.

Amare Stoudamire's decision making

You can punch anything you want Amare, but it doesn't change the fact that you and Melo are a bad mix and until the Knicks dump one of you, your squad will never be more than a middle of the road Eastern Conference team with star power.

Fan's sexual assault of Marc Gasol

Citizens of Memphis, if you see this man first clench em, make sure to always face him and don't...I repeat...DO NOT smell his fingers.

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So there is the good, bad and ugly of the NBA Playoffs thus far, now let's look at if there is any trouble brewing for the STOB Crew in their playoff pics:

Ben -

Outside of the Chicago going to the Eastern Conference Finals and the Clippers making it past the Grizz, I think I am on the right track so far.

Ken -

Again Chicago maybe an issue for Ken, Indiana getting past Miami seems impossible after watching the first few games of each of their two series, but "anything is possible" - KG, 2008.  Other than that though Ken seems on the right track, and no one can argue with his choice of the Spurs winning it after their dismantling of the Jazz so far.

Derrick -

It is early to say who is doing the best in the picks, but if I had to pick one of us, I'd say Derrick is looking the best simply because of his choice to have the Bulls not make it past the second round.


So there you have it, a STOB Playoff Update.  We will have more of these as the Playoffs continue on.



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