Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NBA Playoffs Final Four: Who do you hate the least?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Only way I hate Lebron more is if he had Kanye West attend "The Decision"..."][/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="OK, OK, the only way I hate Lebron more is if he had Kanye West in attendance at "The Decision" and Kanye dated Kim Kardash...wow...I hate Lebron."][/caption]

We are a game into both Conference Finals in the NBA and the big question on my mind is; who does everyone hate the least?

Here are just some of the reasons I have some "hate" for all teams still alive:

Miami - You have to hate Lebron.  ESPN all day, everyday, giving the Heat organization fellatio.  Dwayne Wade.  Chris Bosh thinking he matters.  Still pissed at Mike Miller deciding to get a basketball vasectomy when he came to the Wolves.  "The Decision".  They're freaking good.

Boston - Paul Pierce faking injuries.  KG barking out more m-f'ers in a minute than clutch buckets he's made in his career and doing his whole fake tough guy BS every game.  Rondo is annoying.  Kendrick Perkins...yes I know he was traded last year. They're freaking good.

San Antonio - Tim Duncan is boring.  Tony Parker is French.  Doesn't Ginobili have enough money to do something about his bald spot (and if he does can he email me a link to what that "something" is...I have a buddy who may be interested in it...)?  How the fudge did they get Boris Diaw to be good for them?  Why do I want to punch Gregg Popovich in the face, but at the same time have more respect for him than any other NBA coach?  That's annoying.  They're freaking good.

Oklahoma City - Seems all they are about to do is win and Russell Westbrook seems like a douche.  Kevin Durant is just rubbing it in at this point that he should have been the #1 pick instead of Oden.  We get it Durant, you're better.  Shave the beard Harden, nobody fears it, we just don't want to smell the kung pao chicken that has been stuck in it since New Years.  Kendrick Perkins is still a reason for me hating Boston and he hasn't been then in over a year!  They're freaking good.

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So one variable remains the same, they are all "freaking good".

In sports, if your dog isn't in the fight, it seems to be instinct to then root for the underdog.  So there is our problem here, there isn't one remaining in the NBA Playoffs.  All have been (San Antonio, Boston), are currently (Miami, San Antonio), or are starting to become (Oklahoma City) "Alpha Dogs". Even if they are aging and starting to look less alpha-like (Boston), they still have the stench of alpha all over them and we want to see them pummeled for their past success.

Having all alpha dogs left doesn't make it easy to root for winners as the playoffs continue, but it does make for something that all NBA fans should root for, good basketball.



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