Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Steel Toe Brewing - FO SHO


So me and the soon to be Mrs. Grams were at Crate & Barrel a few weekends back registering for the wedding.  I was in charge of the scanning thingy and I must say, it was pretty fun.  First we looked for some new silverware.  Boring, yes, but highly important.  Good silverware should last forever and there is nothing worse than bending a spoon trying to scoop out a ginormous chunk of ice cream.  Next, we were on to dishware.  I enjoyed looking at the huge selection of mugs, cups, and wine glasses Crate & Barrel tried to offer.  It was in this area of the store where I noticed an advertisement for Steel Toe Brewing Company, on the wall behind one of the giant mugs I was keen about.  Funny thing about this serendipitous event was that I had just recently tried Steel Toe's Size 7 brew a few days back (my mouth is salivating just thinking about it.)  If you like hops and high alcohol content this is the beer for you.  With its zingy first sip of hops, and then a hint of caramel you already will be content.  From there you will drift into more of a graham cracker type of taste.  Towards the end of the drink, your buds will taste grapefruit flavors mixed with honey.  The grapefruit taste reminds me of the taste I get when I am drinking a Surly Furious but the hops are more extreme and thus tastefully pleasing to the palate.

Though I have only had Steel Toe's Size 7 and their Dissent, I totally give them a STOB "FO SHO" and will recommend the brews to my friends.  Also, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's, Steel Toe has growler sales and free beer tasting!  Whoop Whoop

Check their website out below:


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