Friday, May 4, 2012

Want Rubio's Signed T-Shirt? Learn to Shoot.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="619" caption="Hey Ricky, what do you think of STOB? Thumbs up!?!? AWESOME!"][/caption]

Ricky Rubio (someone probably willing to go to war against ACLs right about now) is giving away a signed Rubio jersey to a lucky winner. How do you get into this contest you ask?  Rubio posted this video in which he is sitting, with his left leg in a brace following his ACL surgery, shooting hoops sitting down.  In one minute Rubio is able to sink 24 shots with help from a rebounder.  Now Ricky doesn't expect contest participants to be able to beat his number, but if you can sink 15 or more and video tape it, you will then be entered into the contest if you send that video to his email address.

Let's get some STOB'ers in this contest!

Here is the video of Ricky, my only critique of him in this video is he seems to lack mobility but that is something the coaching staff will likely work on with him over the summer:


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