Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Birthday Wishes for Ben

So today is Ben and Mrs. Dukes birthday.  Yes, Ben and his wife share the same b-day, insert, awwww-how cute.  I started thinking of 10 things Ben would wish if he had a magic Genie for a day.  Even though, many of these things are extremely hard to say, and make me semi sick to my stomach;  today is all about Ben and here is what I came up with:


1.  Coach K finishes his career at Duke and they win 4 National Championships in a row.

2.  Duke get's the top rated recruiting class of 2013, 2014, 2015 etc. etc. etc.

3.  Garfy the cat is healed like Lazeraeth.

4.  An unlimited supply of Grainbelt Premium.

5. Ability to work from home for the rest of time.

6.  Coach Calipari get's busted for NCAA violations and is banned from college basketball for life.

7.  Mrs. Duke suddenly picks up the game of golf, falls in love with the sport, and becomes pro.

8.  Minnesota Sports become relevant again.

9.  There is a turbo button that allows instant access to the cabin.

10.  STOB makes it big time!


Happy BDAY Ben!



  1. Great stuff! Give me one of those things and it'll be a great day.

  2. Happy Bday Buddy. Drink up!