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Ben vs. Chad Ford: Who Won?

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So I took on Chad Ford (unbeknownst to him) in a little "my mock vs. your mock" last night.  I wrote up my mock on Wednesday and used Chad's most current version of his mock (at that time 9.3) to see who knows the draft more.  Now some deals went down, some surprises happened and in the end I think we both were more wrong than right most of the time.  Which then begs the question, why do we do mock drafts?  Answer: because they generate web traffic and entertain me and millions of other fans.

Let's tally it up and see who got the most picks correct, I will list the actual draft order from last night, then explain if either Ford or I got it correct.  Finally I will then either have "EVEN" or a Ben or Ford "+1" after that which will signify if we are tied or if one of us has the lead.

That was a really long description of something 99% of people won't need explained...but here at STOB we care about the 1%.

So..who won? -

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis 

Both got this right...if we hadn't we'd be in trouble here. EVEN.

2. Charlotte Bobcats - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Oops.  Chad and I both went with Thomas Robinson.  Probably the right pick here for the Bobcats.  MKG has the chance to be really special. EVEN.

3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal 

Bingo, we both nail this.  Wiz needed a SG and they got it in Beal.  EVEN.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Dion Waiters

Really Cleveland?  Really?  What the hell are you doing taking the 6th man on Syracuse #4 in the NBA Draft?  I don't get it but whatever neither did Ford so I guess it doesn't hurt that much.  EVEN.

5. Sacramento Kings - Thomas Robinson

Good player drops to the Kings.  Ford and I suck. 2 for 5 each right now.  EVEN.

6. Portland Trail Blazers - Damian Lillard

Ford and I get this one correct...neither of us have pulled ahead of the other though 6 picks in.  EVEN.

7. Golden State Warriors - Harrison Barnes

Add Harrison Barnes in with Anthony Davis as guys in this draft that I don't think will live up to their hype.  Ford/Me=wrong.  EVEN.

8. Toronto Raptors - Terrence Ross 

After Waiters got picked so high it screwed everything up and now the Raptors have to take Ross earlier than they would have liked.  They wanted Waiters.  EVEN.

9. Detroit Pistons - Andre Drummond

Good value for the Pistons to get Drummond at 9.  Ford/Ben wrong. EVEN.

10. New Orleans Hornets - Austin Rivers

Crap.  Ford takes the lead as I had the Hornets going with Jeremy Lamb.  Ford +1.

11. Portland Trail Blazers - Meyers Leonard

Ford and I had Zeller here.  Leonard's upside must have convinced Portland.  Ford +1.

12. Houston Rockets - Jeremy Lamb

Ok, when Ford and I did our mock's on Wednesday we did it prior to the Houston/Milwaukee deal swapping 12 and 14 picks.  Because of that we each get these two picks wrong.  I get a gold star for having Milwaukee take a big (I had Leonard, they picked Henson) and Houston take a SG (they took Jeremy Lamb, I had them taking Terrence Ross).  Ford gets a gold star for having the big taken at 14 and the SG taken at 12 but with the teams switched.  Confusing, and in the end Ford still +1.  Ford +1.

13. Phoenix Suns - Kendall Marshall

Ford and I had the Suns going SG.  They stretch and take Marshall...horrible pick for a guy that will be very average.  Ford +1.

14. Milwaukee Bucks - John Henson

See #12. Ford +1.

15. Philadelphia 76ers - Mo Harkless

Ford/Ben wrong. Ford +1.

16. Houston Rockets - Royce White

See 15 and repeat it.  Ford +1.

17. Dallas Mavericks - Tyler Zeller 

I went with a PG, Ford went with a PF, instead a PF/C in Zeller.  Ford +1.

18. Houston Rockets - Terrence Jones

You'd think with 3 picks for Houston either Ford or I could have gotten one right.  But alas, wrong we were.  Ford +1.

19. Orlando Magic - Andrew Nicholson

Everybody picked a PF (Ford - Sullinger, Ben - Terrence Jones, Magic - Nicholson).  Ford +1.

20. Denver Nuggets - Evan Fournier

Freakin' Euros coming in and screwing everything up.  Thanks a lot for nothing France...again.  Ford +1.

21. Boston Celtics - Jared Sullinger

Technically I get this wrong.  I had the Celts taking Sully with the 22nd pick instead of the 21st.  I am giving myself half a point for that.  Gotta problem with that?  Too bad. Ford +1/2

22. Boston Celtics - Fab Melo

Neither get this on correct, but again 21 was half right because I predicted Sully here at 22.  Ford +1/2.

23. Atlanta Hawks - John Jenkins

Early time to take Jenkins me thinks.  Ford thought so too.  Ford +1/2.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers - Jared Cunningham

What the F? Ford +1/2.

25. Memphis Grizzlies - Tony Wroten Jr. 

Both Ford and I had a PG here, Teague though, not Wroten.  Ford +1/2.

26. Indiana Pacers - Miles Plumlee

Had you told me prior to last year's college basketball season that Miles Plumlee would be a 1st round pick, I would have laughed you out of the room.  But, if you would have told me after the college basketball season ended that Miles Plumlee would be a 1st round pick, I would have thrown you out of the room because all of the lies you were telling me were getting annoying and weren't funny.  Miles is the only one laughing now, all the way to the bank.  Ford +1/2.

27. Miami Heat - Arnette Moultrie

Wrong...crap I think Ford is going to beat me. Ford +1/2.

28. OKC Thunder - Perry Jones III

Wrong...son of a bitch...I hate losing.  Ford +1/2.

29. Chicago Bulls - Marquis Teague

Wrong....why the hell did I challenge an insider like Chad Ford?  Ford +1/2.

30. Golden State Warriors - Festus Ezeli

Wrong...I lose.  Ford +1/2.

Now it's time to look at all the draft day trades to see if within them, one of the players we had picked by a certain team may not have been picked by them, but were then traded to that team later.  That will be worth 1/2 a point just like my Sullinger pick a pick too late.

76ers get Arnette Moultrie via trade with Miami - +1/2 point to Ben who had Moultrie going to 76ers at #15.  EVEN

No other trades made a difference.


Thanks to the Moultrie trade, the Sully pick a pick too early, I secure a tie with Ford.  Proving once again I am super awesome, especially if I make up the rules to a game and my competitor doesn't even know he is competing!

Suck it Ford, you had ESPN's vast wealth of connections and budget behind you but you can't top STOB punk!

STOB 1 - ESPN 0.  Simply the fact we can tie an ESPN "expert" gives STOB a point on ESPN in the never-ending battle for 4 letter acronym sports site supremacy!




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