Monday, June 4, 2012

STOB's Fo Sho Music - Vacationer

Any STOB'ers heading out-of-town for a week or weekend this summer?  Well we've got the tunes for you to crank out of that Pontiac Sunfire's bad ass stereo when you are a vacationer, it's the band Vacationer.  How nice does that work out kids?  Pretty dang well if I do say so myself.

And I do.

Yes, Vacationer is the newest member of the Fo Sho Band fraternity and my suggestion (thanks to Big Ken introducing it to me on my b'day) this summer for your next road trip.  Coming from a four-piece band from New York, you may expect a bit more raw, east coasty hardness to their music.  What you'll hear below is actually much more west coast, beachy, relaxed and summery.  "Gone", their first album, is perfect for a day by/in the lake/ocean/river with a cooler full of ice, Coronas, limes, gin and no particular order.

They call their sound, "Nu-hula".  What the hell that means I have no clue.  Listen for yourself and decide.  For me, as I listen to it I see a vision of a Instagram styled video of a California beach at sunset.  With peeps skating on those long board thingies down the boardwalks and myself sitting on a lounge chair, with a fedora, boat shoes, khaki shorts and a  Hawaiian shirt.  Not one of those annoying, ugly Hawaiian shirts though, more subtle and cool looking.  I have that previously mentioned gin and tonic in hand (lots of ice please), with warm tortilla chips and guacamole sitting on a table next to me.  The wind is blowing, but just enough to cool you from the heat of the setting sun.  It is a perfect 78 degrees and there isn't a worry in the world.  Maybe that is what "Nu-hula" means?  Or I shouldn't have eaten that mushroom I found growing in my lawn.

Want to trip out like me without the vomit inducing mushrooms?  Head to their website (link below) and type in a destination that you'd like to head to.  A video will start with that destination you typed in being shown in grainy, old school footage with Vacationer's "Trip" as the soundtrack.  It's a cool and innovative idea, that is also a good time waster.

On Facebook they describe their "Interests" as "Chilling Out".  I prefer "chillin' out" myself.  I just think that "g" is too stressful and is always harshin' my mellow, but these boys are from the go-go east coast, chilling without the "g" is just a bit too extreme.

Their goal with this album is to have your brain take a vacation as you listen.  So even if you're sitting in your cubicle filling out your TPS reports, you can listen to their song "Everyone Knows" for instance, and your brain won't be in that cubicle, but on a journey floating on the steady, melodic beats and vocals of Vacationer.

My only complaint with the album is the same as with any vacation I take, it is too short!  Not a single one of the 11 songs is over four minutes and many barely scratch over the three-minute mark.  So you are looking at a 33 minute vacation with Vacationer if you listen to the full album.  Luckily there is the repeat button.

You ready for a vaca' without using up PTO?  Take a listen and I think you'll see why Vacationer is STOB Fo Sho Music.

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