Monday, June 25, 2012

STOB's Fo Sho Music - WALK THE MOON (Revisited)

It was May and Walk the Moon had only their EP out.   I was uninterested in the current sports scene at the time and looking for something else to grab my attention.  Walk the Moon was there then and they are here again when I am not interested as much in the sports world as I should be.   This time, it's not an EP, it's their first (technically I think it maybe their 3rd, with The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities and I Want! I Want! being the first two, but I can only find this it's the first for me and because of that it is the first for you as well)  full length album aptly named, "Walk the Moon".

There are 11 songs on the album and I am kind enough to list them for you here:

1. Quesadilla

2. Lisa Baby

3. Next In Line

4. Anna Sun

5. Tightrope

6. Jenny

7. Shiver Shiver

8. Lions

9. Iscariot

10. Fixin'

11. I Can Lift A Car

Run Time: 43 Minutes

Currently the album is on sale on ITunes for just $6.99, which is a good deal.  If you'd rather giver your money to Amazon, they will get you for $7.99, still a good deal, but I would and did save that dollar on ITunes and it will soon turn into a Wendy's Frosty.  Suck on that...oh but you can't cause you went on Amazon and wasted your dollar, so you don't have a Frosty to suck on!  (New STOB record, "most unpaid for ads in one paragraph"...I win again!)

Enough Frosty talk, I don't want Michelle Obama coming after me and blaming me for being a part of the childhood obesity epidemic.  But hey there young tubby kid, don't go outside and play in the summer sun yet!  First watch this Walk the Moon video:

(Watch for Big Ken's cameo in the dance scene at the 1:50 mark, that's him in the Lakers tank top...)

Now if you don't want to go jump around in a field like an idiot with your face painted now, after watching that video, you never will.  Unless you decide to try bath salts.  Don't do that either tubby kid.

My Fo Sho-est song on the album - Lisa Baby

My No Sho-est song on the album - Lions (it's 35 seconds of distant echoes of guitar and some synth...oops SPOILER ALERT!)

All in all it's a good album with very listenable music good for the summer and if I am not is now summer!  Your luck never ceases to amaze me!  So go download the album, it's STOB Approved.




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