Monday, July 9, 2012

Assessing the Sports Goings On As the July 4th Smoke Clears

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Since last Tuesday night, I've been in a seemingly never-ending cycle of sleep, eat, sun, booze, sun, swim, booze, sun, float, booze, eat, booze, sun, boat, cigar, booze, eat, booze, cigar, snack, sun, booze, sunset, boat, booze and sleep.  Had I filled out a daily planner that is what it would have looked like for July 3-July8.  It was great, aside from the over jalepenoed pizza I had Friday that sent my guts into orbit for a night and slightly charred shoulders and back I am doing pretty good after that six day run of near zero responsibility.  Honestly, my biggest responsibility since July 4th Eve was to make sure the cooler wasn't empty prior to booze cruises on the lake.  Trust me, you don't want to be the guy that doesn't fulfill that responsibility, the pirates may have never actually made anyone walk the plank, but on our lake we might make you walk the latter stand on the old Lund for that lack of foresight.

Now you may have noticed that in my daily agenda, checking the daily sports goings on wasn't included, just couldn't squeeze it in to my busy schedule.  So if you were like me and celebrated the Nation's Independence by not tuning into ESPN or following Adrian Wojnarowski's tweets then together let's review some of the things that happened while we weren't paying attention.

Adrian Peterson Gets Into It With the Cops -

Fighting cops is never a good idea.  He just dropped on my fantasy football draft sheet, since it only took three cops to subdue him.  Not only would LeSean McCoy would have not only evaded all three cops, but would have also caught his keys that his buddy threw him as he ran out of the bar.  Rushing ability + Receiving ability= Fantasy Gold.

Brandon Roy Back in Minny-

A lot of the Wolves season next year is now riding on the knees of Brandon Roy and the knee of Ricky Rubio.  If they all hold up, the Wolves likely are a playoff team, if they fail, we are going to see a repeat of this season.  Lots of promise, but still so little winning.  Still waiting to hear if Nicolas Batum will also join the Wolves from Portland, more to come on that on July 11th when something is more cemented and not rumored.

The Wild Go All Heat on the NHL - 

26 years and $196 million and the Wild have the top two FA in the NHL and their first mention on STOB since Paul Rome last contributed before going off grid.  Way to go Wild!  Make the Stanley Cup Finals and you may get mentioned here again, but then again the Wolves may have some trade rumor going on at that time, so you may again have to take a backseat.

Roger Federer was Roger Federer again -

Pubs all over England curse Federer for ruining their Andy Murray celebratory bar tabs that could have been.  You have now 7 Wimbledon titles Fed, give the freaking host country 1, ya jerk.

Between May 20 and June 27 the Minnesota Lynx lost 1 game, July 1 through July 7 they lost - 

A bit too much of July 4th enjoyment there ladies and not enough repeat as champs focus.

Dwight Howard Will Be a Net - 

Yippee, good for the Nets.  You get a guy without a killer instinct and a bad back.  Good work.  Now to the good part.  Can the Wolves sneak in as the 4th team in this deal and get SG Marshon Brooks (THE GUY KAHN SHOULD HAVE TAKEN LAST YEAR AT 20 INSTEAD OF TRADING BACK 10000 TIMES TO GET ENOUGH CASH CONSIDERATIONS TO PAY THE BUYOUT FOR KURT RAMBIS!!) for possibly the Memphis 1st round pick they own the rights to for next year?  It'd be great Brandon Roy insurance and possibly the SG of the future for the Wolves.  Get'r'done Kahn and make up for your royal f-up of the 2011 draft's 20th pick.

Somebody Won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - 

Googling...pretty sure Chestnut won...but...not...sure.  Yup, 68 freaking hot dogs and no Kobayashi.


That is about in terms of stuff that actually happened and I missed over the 4th?  Have anything to add, do so in the comments section.

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