Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Checking in With the Minnesota Valkyrie


The LFL season has been pushed back from a fall 2012 start to a spring 2013 start, but that does not mean that the Minnesota Valkyrie coaches and players are taking this time to sit back and relax.  The team has had practices, tryouts and more all off-season, looking to improve on their 1-3 record in the Valk's inaugural season.  Coach Tony Nguyen and Everett Lindsay are back and so are standout stars WR Whitney Meierotto, TE Cydney Froelich and Miss STOB 2012 QB Jana Skrtic.  The team, and STOB, is gearing up for a weekend training camp in Osceola, Wisconsin on July 20-22.

For the Valks, this will be a weekend in which the coaching staff will be able to assess the veteran players development while also getting a good look at prospects trying to make the 2013 Valk's squad.  The weekend will be filled with practices, meetings, film breakdowns, team building activities and individual workouts.  On Sunday, it will be capped off with a intra-squad scrimmage that is sure to be a great measuring stick for Coaches Nguyen and Lindsay.

Some players that have had exciting off seasons have been Whitney Meierotto and Cydney Froelich.  They both were on the LFL's All Fantasy Team, along with Coach Tony Nguyen.  Their experiences from the tour are sure to help them both individually but also as team leaders to bring back knowledge gained from the game's best.  Coach Tony getting to rub elbows with the LFL's elite coaches had to also allow him to maybe glean some knowledge off of them that will help him in preparation of the '13 season.

I talked to Coach Tony about his off-season preparations, he says that he is working his way up from flipping an 8 foot table at half time this past year, - **UPDATE** Big thanks to Jon Wright of J&K Creative Photogrophy for sending me the link to the full video with the table flip!

-and is looking to take on a full banquet table this season (with or without Gatorade on it).  It will take a lot of hard work and determination from Coach T, but I believe in him, and so does the entire Valkyrie squad.  It's a beautiful thing to see a team have a coach's back like that.

For you STOB'ers out there, look forward to a new segment from us covering the Valkyrie.  A more player's point of view of the weekend will be brought to you after the camp is completed.  We will have some well-known names and some not so well-known names giving their view of the experience of both the weekend and the LFL experience in general.  You all get our point of view 365 days a year on, it is time to see what the Valkyrie players see.

Keep it here on for updates on the Minnesota Valkyrie as the season approaches, the new segment will be up ASAP after the camp.  Of course also look to and for league wide updates, but mainly for any articles on there from us...cause we are the best and we cover the coolest team in the LFL, the Minnesota Valkyrie.




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