Monday, August 6, 2012

Ben's Mailbag #1 - Seacrest, Sailor Jerry and Super Bowls!


I get mail at  You ask me questions, or make silly statements...or try to sell me Viagra.  I then take those emails and post them with my answer or comments on your email.  It's that simple.  It's called Ben's Mailbag and the first run at it begins now...enjoy!

Scott via Facebook -

Why is an entertainment reporter present at the Olympics? What value does a question like "Did you see the latest Tweet from Hollywood?" add to the athletic coverage by NBC?

That "entertainment reporter" I believe you are talking about Scott is Ryan Seacrest, of American Idol and E! fame.  I admit I watch the "Idol", and actually have to also admit I think the dude is pretty good at hosting that show.  I think NBC has seen how Seacrest handles any situation on Idol with class and thought he'd be perfect to handle the wide array of athletes at the Olympics.  Just look how well he handled this situation:


I believe he is going to ask double leg amputee and South African 400 meter Olympian Oscar Pistorius to a toe fight during the Today Show tomorrow.

And the Twitter thing...the media just loves acting like they are up with the latest craze.  I suggest getting a DVR and fast forwarding through the Twitter updates at 300x speed.


John via STOB Comments –

Who do you think will win the Superbowl? My money is on the Pats!

John it is a bit early, but let's take a look at the Vegas odds prior to getting to my opinion:


New England Patriots9/2
Green Bay Packers6/1
San Francisco 49ers8/1
Philadelphia Eagles10/1
Houston Texans12/1
Denver Broncos14/1
Pittsburgh Steelers14/1
Baltimore Ravens14/1
New York Giants20/1
New Orleans Saints20/1
Chicago Bears20/1
New York Jets25/1
Atlanta Falcons25/1
Detroit Lions25/1
Dallas Cowboys25/1
San Diego Chargers30/1
Kansas City Chiefs40/1
Carolina Panthers40/1
Cincinnati Bengals50/1
Buffalo Bills50/1
Miami Dolphins60/1
Tennessee Titans60/1
Seattle Seahawks60/1
Oakland Raiders60/1
Tampa Bay Buccanneers100/1
Cleveland Browns100/1
Washington Redskins100/1
Minnesota Vikings100/1
Indianapolis Colts100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars100/1
Arizona Cardinals100/1
St Louis Rams100/1


So Vegas agrees with John, taking Brady and the boys to take home the title.  I could take the obvious choices like the Packers or the Broncos or John's Pats.  Instead I am going to go with a team nobody really is thinking has a shot.  The Buffalo Bills.  That's right, the Bills are my squad and I am going to go ahead and pick them to make the jump from a 6-10 team last year to a Super Bowl champ.

The thing is, I don't think the Bills are going to be the best team in the league, but that isn't who wins the Super Bowl many years.  The Giants were not the best team last year, they were just hot at the right time.  Because of that fact, I am going to take a risk and say that the Bills will go against their last couple season's habit of  starting hot and fading away, and instead get hot at the end of the year and make a run through the playoffs.  The defense is much improved (Mario Williams = big time improvement if healthy...BIG "IF") and the offense was solid last year and without injuries, should be good again this year.

John and I have the AFC East bringing home the crown, either Buffalo or New England.  Who do you think will win it all this year?


Confused in Cleveland via email –

Dear Ben,

What's your thoughts on I sit and watch the Olympics, I can't help but notice that many of the top competitors in all events are just young teenagers.  Most of which when interviewed talk about how they've trained their whole life for this moment. Most have bandaged or wrapped knees, elbows, shoulders, etc.  After reading the local paper recently, there was an article on a young boy who had already had multiple surgeries on his shoulders from grueling practice/training sessions in Tennis.  He'll likely have life long troubles with this.  My question is this,  if you had to choose between a blonde with big tits and a case of keystone light or a burnette with a sweet ass and and a bottle of Sailor Jerry, which would you choose?

By far the strangest question of the week from my boy Confused.  Let's break it down here.  Confused was probably having both Keystone Light and Sailor Jerry rum while writing this email, so we know that he'd go Deion Sanders on this question and say "BOTH"!  I don't have that luxury here and I knew coming into this post that I would have to make some tough decisions, so I can't back out now.

Keystone Light < Sailor Jerry

Blonde = Brunette (or as Confused put it "Burnette")

"big tits" = "sweet ass"

Final Tally - "Burnette"s/Sweet Ass/Sailor Jerry wins!


Sharon via email –

Who is your favorite Kardashian?

Gotta go Kourtney.  She actually is sometimes funny.  Yes, I do view the Kardashians with Mrs. Duke...Where do I turn in my man card?


William via Facebook Message –

You suck.



So that's it and that's all for the first week of Ben's Mailbag.  Didn't get as many emails as I'd hoped, but it wasn't a bad start.

To summarize:

The Bills are winning the Super Bowl, Seacrest is going to toe wrestle a double leg amputee, Sailor Jerry/burnettes/sweet ass is a killer trifecta, Ben watched the Kardashians and no longer is a card carrying member of the "Man Club" and also according to William, "Sucks".

Email me questions for next week at

Or ask your questions via comment below, Twitter or Facebook.  Then check back next Monday to see what my answer to your burning question is.

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