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Ben's Mailbag #3 - Mad Men, Motley Crue and Mouth Parties

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It's the third installment of Ben's Mailbag and this week brought some good questions and rips from y'all.  Keep bringing it though, is the place to reach me, or upper right hand corner find me on Facebook or Twitter.


Jerome via email -

Don't you sometimes wish we lived in Mad Men times (an actual timeline within the world's history) where at work midday you could just go and grab a stiff drink?

I do Jerome, the drinking part would be great and the smoking of cigarettes with a complete ambivalence towards the harm it could do would be so amazing my lungs hurt thinking about it.  Though as I sit here in my basketball shorts and a holy old college t-shirt that is practically see through it is so worn (though I am wearing a fedora...that's how I roll), I think I'd have trouble with the Mad Man-era dress code.  Suits, suits and more suits.  I'd need a lot of drinks just to put up with that, BUT that would lead to me ruining my suit I am drunk enough to bear wearing all the time.  I'd get so drunk wearing my suit that I'd not tuck everything back in post-bathroom trips and then go drip pizza grease all over it when I get my drunk munchies on.

I think I'll stick to current times Jerome, and just have a Founding Fathers Lager (shameless plug #1) AFTER work in my scrubby ass (but comfortable) clothes.


Bill Simmons #1 Fan via (angry) email -

Hey, what do you think you're doing stealing Bill Simmons' idea of answering fan emails on your blog?  It's total BS dude, the only thing you're not copying is the fact Simmons' emails are real!! I bet I am the only one that emails you this entire week!  And I am just making fun of you!  I am going to email Simmons and let him know he is being copied, I hope he posts it in his next ORIGINAL Mailbag post and just eviscerates you!

Alright, I was kind of waiting for this email from somebody and Mr. Anonymous email guy who signed off as "Bill Simmons #1 Fan" is the guy who brought it up.  There are some definite similarities here:

Bill Simmons is a sports blogger.  As am I.

Bill Simmons writes for/podcasts/founded a sports site.  As did I with Ken.

Bill Simmons takes emails from readers/listeners and answers their questions or comments on their takes.  As do I.

Bill Simmons realizes that almost EVERYONE on almost EVERY website does some form of a "Mailbag".  Bill Simmons wasn't the first, won't be the last, nor was I or will I and just because we have more in common than Dear Abby doesn't mean I stole Bill's idea.

Please do email Bill Simmons, that'd be awesome if he took the time out of his busy schedule of giving away free mouth parties to Blake Griffin, CP3 and the entire Boston Celtics roster long enough to take a look at our site.

Oh, and this just in I am writing a new book, "The Book of Basketball...stuff", again...not copying him there either...


Drew via email - 

As a fellow Minnesotan, what is your worst Minnesota sports moment?  Mine was '98 Vikings NFC Championship Game hands down.

I think as a fellow Minnesotan you'll agree that my worst of the worst sports moments came when I was born and raised in Minnesota.  We all were screwed from the beginning my friend.  While 1998 sucked, and for me was also one of my worst sports moments, I think if you look at it just having to live in Minnesota as a sports fan is the worst thing that's happened to you in your sports life.

Unless of course you were born in Cleveland...that shit sucks for you.  It really, really, really sucks for you Cleveland it really sucks....really, really, really sucks.


William via Facebook Message (2nd question William!  Good Work) -

Sorry about saying you suck in the first mailbag.  Actual question this time, beer tastes good, wouldn't you agree?  Oh, and you still suck.

Yes, Williams I agree that beer does taste good.  And, thanks again for your kind onto another beer related email!


Phil via email -

I've heard you say multiple times that your favorite beer is Grain Belt Premium.  Was it your first beer?  If not, what was and why?

GBP is still my favorite beer, no doubt.

My first full beer I had, that is a tough question man.  Is your first beer supposed to be like your first kiss?  Or losing your virginity?  Is this another first that you will never forget?  Cause if so I am screwed, I think I've forgotten.  Too many beers after that first one maybe part of the issue I am having.  Do the members of Motley Crue have this same issue with the virginity question?

Instead of answering your question I am asking more questions...sorry.

If I had to guess, I think honestly it may have been Grain Belt Premium.  It wasn't a choice thing back then, likely it was just what was around my house growing up, and father like son, that was my dad's favorite (at the time).  I think it is likely rare that the first beer (if indeed that was my first...I am kind of guessing) you have is still your favorite years later.

If you haven't had your first beer (yup, shameless plug #2) then go get yourself a 12-pack of Founding Fathers Lager tonight!  50% of those proceeds go to US Military families.  Then you'll be having your first beer and helping good people out and may actually remember your first...unlike me.


Candice via email -

FYI I am not Candice Wiggins, just to be clear.  But I do have a question about the Lynx.  They are dominating again this year and unlike last year, you guys aren't covering them at all...what's the dealy yo? real "dealy yo", I think maybe the interesting twist of a team from Minnesota actually winning has worn off.  I am re-interested though now post the Olympic run the Lynx gals (Whalen, Moore and Augustus) had and I think we'll be more tuned in as they finish off their season and start the playoff push to defend their title.  So don't give up on us yet...well you can give up on Ken if you want...but don't give up on me!  (yet)


Kyle via email -

Little League World Series rules...your thoughts?

I think the Little League World Series "rules" as well and I don't even like baseball!

The main reason I think the LLWS works so well is that (this may have been stated before elsewhere but it just hit me) it is the only sport I can think of that watching the youth play it, is almost exactly the same as watching the same sport professionally.

In LLWS the kids can do the "big money" item of the game of baseball, they can hit homeruns just like the big leagues thanks to the smaller field dimensions.  The 12-year-old AAU league if it were on TV, only has a few phenoms that will show up that can dunk, the basketball equivalent of baseball's homerun.

Hockey the kids can't recreate the speed of the game.  In the LLWS, again that it negated by the smaller field dimensions, so the bases are close enough that the kids lack of speed is negated.  Also, the speed of the pitches is obviously less than the big leagues, but the space between the batter and the pitcher is so small a 62 mph fastball all of a sudden looks fast enough to be interesting on TV.

Pee Wee Football the kids can't throw or tackle on the same level, and therefore the interest level of watching it just isn't there.  While if you look again at the LLWS, the kids LOOK the part.  Sure there are unprofessional looking at bats many times, but go back and watch the tape of the Tampa Bay Rays attempting to hit Felix Hernandez and you'll see that the professionals can also look very unprofessional at the plate.

Point is, this is the only kids league that can be on TV like it is AND be a hit because it is the only sport in which a 12-year-old can look anything close to the same as the 28-year-old professional, thanks to field dimensions and the nature of the game.  Also, in addition to the game play being close you then also want to tune in for the novelty of watching middle school kids battle it out.

That is at least my opinion on why the LLWS works.


Ken via text -

I'm going to kick you in your "mailbag" if you keep ripping me in that post.

Only one rip of you this time bud, that is a record...don't get used to it.


Mailbag Recap:

Mad Men times ruled...except for the suits.  I copied Bill Simmons but he gives free mouth parties.  Being born in Minnesota as a sports fan sucks, but it really, really, really sucks more in Cleveland.  Members of Motley Crue forgot who they lost their virginity to.  William still thinks I suck.  The Lynx are still interesting...just not as much as last year.  The LLWS rules. Ken is going to kick me in the "mailbag".

I need more mail!  Email me: or click in the top right hand corner to go to Twitter or Facebook and give me questions there for next Monday.



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