Thursday, August 16, 2012

Founding Fathers Brewing Co. – The Official Beer of STOB

Log onto Founding Fathers Brewing's website and you'll see a message right in the middle of their site:

"We believe the values and ideas that originated with our Founding Fathers are the principles that need to be preserved to keep America Strong. 50% of all profits of Founding Fathers products are donated to the families of the United States Military."

At STOB we couldn't agree more with this mission statement, so it's no wonder we are so pleased to announce a new partnership. Founding Fathers Brewing Co. is now part of the STOB family and we couldn’t be happier.

From their local ties to their contributions to the United States Military (50% of all profits), we couldn’t imagine a better fit here at STOB.  We hope you feel the same.

In the meantime, grab a case at your local store and add these links to your favorites, along with STOB.

Links to Founding Fathers Brewing:






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