Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marooned Gopher's NFL Season Predictions: Move Over James Roday

[caption id="attachment_1930" align="aligncenter" width="300"] My psychic powers say the Giants repeat.[/caption]

James Roday, you think you know it all on USA's crappy show "Psyche." Always one step ahead of the game aren't you? Well, I'm going to show off my psychic skills as here are my 2012 NFL regular season division champion, playoff, and Super Bowl predictions.

NFC West: 49ers- This D is the best D since the Baltimore Ravens D that took a Trent Dilfer led offense to the Super Bowl title in the 2000-2001 season.

NFC South: Saints - I'm not sold on Matt Ryan quite yet so until he wins a big game, Drew Brees is just too damn good. I do expect this to be a tight race between the Falcons and Saints though. No Super Bowl for Ryan Kalil and Carolina. No one has to be a psychic to determine that.

NFC North: Packers- Too much firepower on offense will make Green Bay a tough team to beat. Detroit can contend here, but are still one more year away from being possibly the premier squad in this loaded division.

NFC East: Giants- Clutch QB, best D line in the game, two studs receivers in Cruz and Nicks, and a veteran coach make the Giants top dog in another really good division.

NFC Wildcards: Lions and Falcons- The Matt's lead two big time offenses with lots of weapons at the wideout position. Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, and Julio Jones are great playmakers and both these teams will light it up in the friendly confines of their domed home stadiums.

Wild Card Round: #3 49ers over #6 Falcons

#4 Seed Saints over #5 Lions

#1 Green Bay and #2 Giants get Byes

Divisional Round: #2 Giants over #3 49ers

#1 Packers over #4 Saints

Conference Championship: #2 Giants over #1 Packers in Lambeau once again

AFC West: Chargers- Philip Rivers returns to his old self and so does Antonio Gates. Broncos could be the division champ, but I don't know how Peyton will hold up or adapt in the Mile High City.

AFC South: Texans- The most balanced O in football is just too hard to stop. Wade Phillips made huge strides with their D last year and I expect the same in 2012.

AFC North: Ravens- The defense is still strong and Flacco continues to make slow and steady progress. Torrey Smith emerges as their #1 receiver and Ray Rice once again is a premier offensive weapon.

AFC East: Patriots- The one good team in a really bad division. This is the most slam dunk pick you can make for a guaranteed division champ. Brady has big numbers as usual and D does just enough to win games.

AFC Wildcards: Steelers and Broncos- Big Ben and Manning are too good to not make the Big Dance. With steady D's an a wealth of talented WRs, both teams should easily lock up the wild card spots and could make noise in the post-season.

Wild Card Round: #3 Ravens over #6 Broncos

#5 Steelers over #4 Chargers

#1 Patriots and #2 Texans get the Byes

Divisional Round: #3 Ravens over #2 Patriots

#2 Texans over #5 Steelers

Conference Championship: #2 Texans over #3 Ravens as Houston avenges Jacoby Jones' bonehead plays in last year's divisional round to reach their first Super Bowl.

Super Bowl: Giants 27, Texans 17


Andrew Luck (Colts QB), Offensive Rookie of the Year

Morris Claibrone (Cowboys CB), Defensive Rookie of the Year

Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB)

Defensive MVP: Patrick Willis (49ers LB)




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