Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pigskin Chronicles - Week (RG)3

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Remember that podcast when Ken was making fun of me for being a crappy fantasy football player?  Remember how I tried to say I was actually not THAT bad?  How I would be helping Mrs. Duke (my wife) along with her first fantasy football team ever?  Well combined Mrs. Duke and I are 1-3 through the first two weeks of fantasy football.  I wish I was the one who was 0-2, but instead it is Mrs. Duke who is winless thus far.  I feel like her team has gotten back to a point where it will start pulling some wins out sooner rather than later.

It helps that I initiated a trade for Mrs. Duke's team with an inexperienced team in her league and landed Darren McFadden for Alfred Morris.  Now by name only, this trade is way one-sided on Mrs. Duke's side, but Morris has scored more so far this season and McFadden is always one breath away from being injured, so who knows?

Pigskin Chronicles is back from a week off with no Marooned it should be the best Chronicles yet.

Ben's Fantasy Corner -

Hey, I am 1-1.  Listen to my advice.

RG3 #1 Overall Scorer in First Two Weeks...should you sell high? - I am an owner of RG3 and I have considered this question, especially with the fact that I have had a rough start at the RB position (Chris Johnson and Fred Jackson...f-me).  The thing is RG3 started running even more last week, scoring 2 rushing touchdowns.  He scored crazy amounts of points and didn't even have his #1 target on the field in Pierre Garcon.  Looking at his schedule, he doesn't exactly have a slate of tough opponents coming up - Cincy, @Tampa, Atlanta, Minny and @Giants.

Due to RG3 looking so good early and the fact his schedule doesn't get too tough over the next few weeks, plus his defense is banged up which will lead to shoot outs, I am hanging on to RG3 for the foreseeable future.  At this point the scariest part about being an RG3 owner is the "Vickness" of his play may lead to injury, so if you have RG3 make sure you have a solid backup on your bench so you're not left high and dry when all his running gets him stuck in the training room.

Pitta or Bennett? - Going into week 3 I think there are plenty of fantasy owners out there who maybe have Fred Davis or Antonio Gates and are thinking about getting a new TE.  Looking at the waiver wire, Dennis Pitta of Baltimore and Martellus Bennett of the Giants are the two hottest TE that maybe available.  Who do you go with?  Pitta has had more targets, Bennett more touchdowns.  To me, if you can't decipher who is better individually as a player, you have to look at the teammates they'll rely on.

That is why I would go with Bennett.  I'd rather have Eli Manning throwing to my TE than Joe Flacco, neither is a slouch but Manning is elite.  Also Bennett isn't fighting Ed Dickson, who has been quiet thus far but that may change, for looks and snaps at the TE position.  I say go Bennett, it just makes sense, which means it will likely be wrong...because that is the way fantasy football works.


League Observations -

Vikings are boring, no team needs the excitement of the flipping WR Jerome Simpson more than this team.

The Vikings didn't learn anything from their win in week 1.  Play prevent defense when the opposing offense is just looking for a field goal, and you will lose.

CJ Spiller is ridiculous.

San Francisco should be everyone's Super Bowl pick right now.  Luckily for every other team, usually the team you say that about after week 2 isn't the team that actually wins it all.

Tampa Bay has nothing to apologize for.  You play until the clock reads 0:00...if it doesn't read zip zeroes yet, keep playing and you won't get hurt.

Reggie Bush is playing like he wants to be known as an actual NFL player instead of Ex - Heisman winner and Ex-Guy who get's to try to set a drink on Kim Kardashian's derriere without getting slapped.

Redskins fans take their football serious and will punish you for Week 2 game costing mistakes.  Just ask Josh Morgan.

Thursday night games all season are cool if you have NFL Network and the worst thing ever if you don't.

Aaron Rodgers looks human, really likes Pizza Hut and red decor in his basement.





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