Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursday Video: 6 Ways To Open a Beer Without an Opener

It's Thursday and I am thirsty.

But rah ruh, I don't have a bottle opener and this beer I am looking to drink doesn't have a twist cap.  (Should have gotten Founding Fathers does)  Plus, even though manly men don't want to admit it, twist caps can be tough sometimes so other techniques maybe favorable.

No worries, our friends at Household Hacker put together this video with six ways that will help you get to that delicious brew inside that tightly capped bottle.

Yay, I drink the beer now, and try to explain the dent in our counter top, snapped car key, ripped dollar bills, two open beers with one spilled all over the carpet, ripped off drawer handle and leaky lighter to Mrs. Duke later.

Use these techniques over the holidays or the weekend or on Monday night ya bunch of lushes.


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