Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Midst of a Blowout

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="565"] Bad day for the Cumberland....Cucumbers?[/caption]

I have no reason to hate Barry Larkin, but now I do.  His son orchestrated a dominating dismantling of my Duke Blue Devils last night in Miami, and after every great play by the ‘Canes, and oh weren’t there a bunch of those, there was former MLB star Barry beaming in the stands.  As a basketball fan, not much is worse than your team being down by 30 points in a game.  Down 30 is the same precipice as down 10 runs in baseball, 28 in football, 4 in soccer, 5 in hockey and 4 in Jai Alai.  It’s brutal, hopeless and really you feel like the only good thing to do is to turn it off.

I tried, but it was so ugly I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  As much as that rotten feeling in my stomach pushed me to pick up the remote, I continued to watch the evisceration of my favorite team.  As if for some reason Dish Network wouldn’t allow my TV to change away from ESPN.

I’ve said it before, “It’s better to get blown out than to lose by 1 on a buzzer beater.”  For saying that, I’m an idiot.

There is nothing worse than being completely and totally blown out, whether as a player, coach or fan.  I’ve experienced it as all three, sucks no matter what role you play.

As a player you’re embarrassed that this is the effort you and your teammates are putting forth.  You begin to question your skills and that of your team.  Maybe mom was right, “sports aren’t your thing.”

As a coach you’re maybe even more depressed.  You are the one that was supposed to prepare your team to take on this challenge, and they are obviously unprepared.  One of the kids is wearing mismatching socks for God’s sake, and it’s your fault.  Your school counselor was right, “coaching maybe isn’t the best occupation for a person of your skill set…the bubble sheet on the skills assessment you took says so.”

Then there is the fan, watching their favorite team get worked over like a pile of cocaine by Lindsey Lohan, neither has a chance of surviving the night.  I looked forward to watching this bullshit?  I’m missing American Idol…for this?  Nikki Minaj probably said something incoherent and dumb, something about, “follow your dreams darling and even a mute like you can sing like Mariah Carey some day.”  I missed that gem, for this?  Fire the coach, rebuild, tear it down, season is over, sun ain’t rising tomorrow, is that an incoming text message?

Your team sucks! Oh and did you see what Nikki Minaj said? lol roflmao :):);)...damn, knew I shouldn’t have had my phone by me.

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