Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Accomplished and Unaccomplished: Assessing Both Following Gophers Big Win


Some things were accomplished last night in the Gopher/Indiana game.  Other things were not.  Let's take a look at both:

Accomplished -

Upset #1.

Locked up a tourney bid. (barring crazy collapse)

Forced every Gopher fan to ask the question, “Where the hell was that effort the past two months?”

Revitalized the fan base.

Tubby didn’t have to throw his team under the bus for their lack of shooting ability since they won. (4-20 3pt shooting)

Elliott Eliason gained a fan in Dan Dakich.

Dan Dakich and Mike Tirico made all college basketball fans wish they’d replace Dick Vitale, on every one of his telecasts.  Professional, funny, effective and not afraid to call out coaches, players or refs.  Great call that only added to a great game.

Cody Zeller learned he isn’t a man yet.  35-year-old Trevor Mbakwe taught the young pup a lesson in manhood.

Rodney Williams showed (again) he is made for 1992 Iowa women’s 6-6 high school basketball where he could just stay on the defensive end.  His impact offensively would be the same.

The AARP members, that seem to make up 75% of The Barn’s crowd that isn’t in the student section, actually got out of their seats a few times AND rushed the court.  The court rush by octogenarians is either embarrassing or cool…I can’t decide.  See pic from Mike Tirico's Twitter account from last night-

gophs court rush

The announcers talked up The Barn’s atmosphere time and again only for it to not translate to television, again.  The Barn needs an adjustment to it’s seating chart so that the television broadcast showcases the madness that can be “The Barnyard”.  Notice other broadcasts; where during normal play the student section is visible (Duke for example) and how much more the atmosphere translates to the television.

Dan Dakich ripped U of M for not building Tubby a practice facility.  Tubby’s mind has moved from getting the practice facility to trying to avoid recieving a pink slip.  Last night helped...probably with both. 

Unaccomplished -

Tubby Smith’s job being saved.  Have to win out in the regular season, have an OK showing in the B1G tourney and get a win in the NCAA’s to keep non-homers happy.

The issues that have plagued the Gophers the past two months aren't solved.  Still have an ugly half court offense, but were saved many times in the second half by Indiana’s inability to end Gopher possessions by wrangling in defensive rebounds.

Sam Ponder proving she is the best sideline analyst at ESPN.  She is on her way though…the super weird wedding thing still keeps me from giving her the nod…yet.

Ref’s taking the game over with bad calls and long drawn out decisions.  Guess why that didn't happen last night?  If you answered, “No Ted Valentine!”  You win a STOB prize.  Email Ken.

Tubby still can’t handle post game interviews.  If he loses, he throws his team under the bus.  After this big win, his stumbling interview with Sam Ponder post game made me worry for his health.  My wife asked if he had a stroke and I couldn’t say “no” with any confidence.

College basketball still hasn’t found a #1 team and it won’t until April.


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