Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ben Contributes to Roundtable

The Timberwolves will start their post-All Star Break sprint to the finish line, that is the start of the NBA Playoffs likely for them tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers.  Seems to be a perfect time to look at the team and get many points of view on the past, present and future of this current version of the Wolves.  It is such a perfect time that our friends over at beat us to it, but were nice enough to include me in the discussion. 

Please check out that discussion, also including the likes of Howlin T-Wolf's Derek James, Andy Grimsrud of Punch-Drunk Wolves, me, and Timberpups own John Flesta and Alex Glennon. 

Enjoy and support these guys and their great blogs!

Timberpups Roundtable




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