Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do The Gophers Have A Sweet Tooth?



So this is what it feels like after an NCAA Tournament win? No wonder my Co-Blogger is always so happy, for the most part, in March. Now, much like everyone else, I didn’t really have a ton of faith in our favorite rodent team. Sure, my bracket has them visiting Hot-Lanta, but I’m more of a Homer than Homer Simpson; so it’s expected.

After watching them last night however, they might just shock the world; or at least the state of Minnesota. Like I’ve told others, this is an 11 seed you didn’t want to see this year. UCLA now knows first hand as to why. When this team is going good, they are going really good. Remember last year in the NIT? Sure, it was the NIT, but this team really played well.

So well in fact that expectations coming into the season were Sweet 16 or bust, for a lot of us anyway. And now, after a 20 point blowout of UCLA, I think those same expectations are back. And why not?

If these guys play the way they did last night (low turnovers, great shooting, good defense) they should beat anyone they face in their region. With Georgetown going down to Florida Gulf Coast….not a typo (I’m sure there are others), the Gophers biggest perceived competition is out.

With Florida coming up next, the Gophers do have their paws….do Gophers have paws?...full. Florida made easy work of their first challenge, but that team didn’t have a guy named Andre Hollins.

All I can say is that if the Gophers play with the fire they played with last night, they better keep their dentist on speed dial because they are about to taste something really sweet.

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