Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Bracket: Copy at Your Own Risk


The tournament starts tomorrow and everyone is looking for good tips to try to win their pool.  For some reason you are here, either you're looking for tips from my bracket, or you're here to mock and ridicule my bracket.  This is probably the toughest year I remember to make picks.  There is no clear favorite, and you could make an argument for any team with a 10 seed or higher making the Final Four without looking like an idiot (except might look like an idiot then).  I still have mostly high seeds advancing, but that maybe my undoing in the next couple weeks. 



Yes, I picked Duke to win it all.  The main reason is that in a season in which there is no clear favorite, why not pick my favorite?  There is no reason not to, they were the favorites for many just a week ago before losing to a desperate Maryland team in the ACC Tournament.  They have three seniors, NBA talent, a skilled PG, a HOF coach and a #1 ranking in the RPI, they can definitely do it.  Now they did also get placed in the toughest region and lose a 2 vs 15 game last year so there is definitely some ammo if you want to say they have no chance. 

Duke is my winner, but here are some other points of interest and tips for you as you tweak your already over-tweaked bracket:

UCLA over Minnesota - How many times do the Gophers have to not live up to expectations this year before people stop believing?  A nice draw has people's hopes up again, I'm not buying in.

Bucknell over Butler - This is a very underwhelming Butler team, they haven't beaten a tournament team since January 26th against Temple.  The Gophers have atleast done that, so beware the Bulldogs.

NC State over Indiana - I believe Indiana is the most talented team in the nation.  They're also very inconsistent and vulnerable.  Speaking of inconsistent, there is their possible second round matchup in NC State.  This team can play with anyone, but also lose to anyone.  They have 3 future NBA players on their team and size inside to combat Cody Zeller.  I won't be shocked if Indiana loses.

Kansas over North Carolina - I have Kansas winning this one on my bracket and that alone maybe enough for you to go the other way. If it isn't, then let me explain, just like Indiana, this is a #1 seed that has been shaky and lost to teams much worse than North Carolina this year (TCU).  North Carolina is hot, and has near equal talent level to Kansas.  I think this could be one of the best games of the weekend.

Saint Louis - No mid-major is getting more love, outside of maybe VCU.  If you're in a bracket pool (I'm not) I'd pick Saint Louis to lose first round.  They aren't going to win it all (probably), and uneducated basketball fans in your pool have likely just started paying attention to college basketball since the brackets came out.  With Saint Louis getting all that love, many of them will have Saint Louis going far, they definitely could lose early and if they do you could be ahead of the game.

Gonzaga - Everyone thinks they're like Notre Dame in this year's BCS Title game, racked up a good record against average competition and likely to disapoint on the big stage.  Kelly Olynek is a stud though and many people will have them going out early with the thought of them being overrated.  Pick em to go far and reap the reward.

Teams I think have a shot at winning it all in no particular order-

Louisville, Duke, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Ohio State, New Mexico, Indiana, Miami, Kansas, Georgetown, VCU, Saint Louis, Oklahoma State and Florida.

I don't think anyone else has a shot. 

Pick wisely...aka...don't follow my advice.


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