Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding Do’s & Don'ts – The Sports Blogger Perspective

                                                                               Don't Be This Guy...I Know It's Hard

Hey everyone, Ken here. Hope everyone is enjoying the loooong winter we have been having. Can it end already? I mean, come on. It’s been 7 months of snow. Ugh. Sorry, that’s for a different post at a different time.

Today, I want to talk about wedding preparation. That’s right, Big K (that’s me), popped the question about a year ago and the wedding day is just around the corner. I’m both excited and nervous about the way the whole thing is going to play out.

After so much preparation, you would expect things to go smoothly when planning with your gal, and rightfully so. However, if you are like me (sarcastic and like to push buttons), you could potentially make it hard on yourself. That's what I'm here to give you a few tips on what TO do and what NOT to do leading up to the big day. 

The List:

DO: Tell her you love her. Every single day. This will get you more slack on that rope of sarcasm. Of course you mean it when you say it, but any little bit will help.

DON’T: Tell her that something that is going wrong is “No big deal”. Everything is a big deal when it comes to HER wedding day. Remember that. Even if it just means a color is a shade off on some ribbon.

DO: Make her feel that you want to be part of the whole experience. Yes, this means you may have to go to the same craft store three times in one day, but hey, she will love you for it.

DON’T: Pick sports over her. Trust me, I know. With March Madness taking place recently and the Twins starting, I’ve had many an option of sports to watch. Of course, that’s when they want to talk about programs or cupcakes.

DO: Go along for the tastings. Free food. Enough said. It’s the same reason we sit through Gopher Football games in the press box. 

DON’T: Turn up the volume on the sports game you are watching. This goes back to picking sports over her. I haven’t experienced this one yet, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty.

DO: Pick out the tux YOU want to wear. If you don’t feel good in it, what makes you think the people you are forcing to be your groomsmen will feel good in it? If you don’t pick it, she will.

DON’T: Tell her that the blog is more important and you need to get fresh content out to your 1,000….okay, 10 fans. She will replay with “Well there is 1 person here that will kick your ass if you don’t cut that ribbon”. Again, haven’t had to deal with this one, but I imagine that is how it would go down.

DO: ENJOY THE SEASON. Season being the wedding planning of course. This is, or is supposed to be, the one and only time you do this. Make it fun.

DON’T: Overthink things. Just like the blog. Some people will love what you serve, others could care less and will hate it either way.

So there you have it. A couple tips to hopefully get you through planning your own wedding, if that time ever comes.  Thanks for reading and keep checking STOB for more awesome post like this one.

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