Sunday, July 21, 2013

D's weekend thoughts

What a weekend of sports.. Well not really, however Philly Man Tits and the British Open did make for some riveting television.  Yes, I was cheering for Tiger to move one step closer to Jack and the Majors record, but I found myself just as entertained by Phil sinking every putt that stood in the way between him and the Claret Jug. The question is, will Lindsey Vonn dump Tiger due to his poor play or will they be an item by the PGA Championship?  Time will tell I guess.

What else happened? Well I watched a decent scary movie for once.  After watching it I woke up at least 3 times in the middle of the night thinking I was seeing the evil character Bagul. Scary as F, I highly recommend seeing it if you don't mind not sleeping that night. #Sinister

Well that really is it, pretty lame weekend overall.  Stay tuned for Miss STOB! The lineup is starting to form and it will not disappoint.

Stay thirsty... 


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  1. Michael Jackson lives and yet again messing with lil' kids in that pic! Cmon Thrller, give it a rest man!