Wednesday, July 17, 2013


MISS STOB winner 2012 from the MN Valkyrie - Jana Skrtic.

It's the dead of summer, which means, the babes are out in full force!  The local beach, golf course, rodeo, Walmart, heck, they are everywhere.  Now we here at STOB are not trying to objectify women strictly by their looks, no no no, rather we are in awe of the female race and only have the utmost respect for their amazing ability to entrance the fellow man.  The most amazing thing about them is that they can be so talented in a everyday skill such as; being a TV anchor, an athlete, a doctor, and yet be sooo ridiculously good looking at the same time.  Here is where we get to the girls in the STOB tournament and where we need your help.
We are looking for girls who are from the great state of Minnesota, who are well rounded, and who of course catch your eye ; ).  The last time we held MISS STOB we had such a great response with voting and contestant participation, we figured why not do it again?  Below are links showing the contestants as well as the 2012 winner Jana Skrtic.

Please help us out and send us your nominations for MISS STOB 2013.  We will unveil the list Monday the 29th of July, so you have time to get us your winner.

Thanks and stay thirsty.

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  1. Is Jana going to be in it again even though she isn't on the Valks anymore?