Monday, July 15, 2013

MLB Home Run Derby 13' ODDS

Chris Davis leads the Majors with 37 home runs and is our favorite to win the derby.

It's Monday night and you just got home from work.  It was a long day at the office and you have a hankering for a cold one.  You open the fridge to grab your beverage of choice and realize you have a full slab of ribs sitting on the lower shelf, your mouth waters a little but right as you reach down to grab them you remember you are still on some diet your significant other made you start.  Your manly instinct kicks in and you do what you know you shouldn't; you grab the ribs.  While you wait for your Weber grill to heat up, you grab the remote and check what is on the tube tonight.  "Well I'll be Damned," you proclaim!  "The State Farm Home Run Derby is on tonight and it starts at 7PM Central and I have nothing better to do," you procalaim more vocally. Your dog looks at you with his head cocked sideways wondering why you are talking to the TV.

If this person is you, I highly recommend you tune in tonight to catch entertaining action.

The list of contestants is chalk full of power this year and the headliners are derby regulars.  Here
are the contestants and the STOB ODDS:

1. Prince Fielder
Season Home Runs To Date - 16

2. Bryce Harper
Season Home Runs To Date - 13
STOB ODDS - 20-1

3. Robinson Cano
Season Home Runs To Date - 21

4.  Chris Davis
Season Home Runs To Date - 37

5.  David Wright
Season Home Runs To Date - 13
STOB ODDS - 30-1

6.  Yoenis Cespedes
Season Home Runs To Date - 15
STOB ODDS - 25-1

7.  Pedro Alvarez
Season Home Runs To Date - 24
STOB ODDS - 15-1

8. Michael Cuddyer
Season Home Runs to Date - 16
STOB ODDS - 40-1

There you have it, if you disagree with the odds let us know and why...  We love STOB'ers feedback!

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