Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Life Changing Shabazz Muhammad Moment

Let's see if I remember how this works.

I ramble on and on about some topic (usually TPup related, never hockey) 2 real people read it (Hi Mom!) and 100 Google bots scan it giving the story hits that give me enough self esteem to do it all again. 

Sound about right? 

The real human other than my mom who reads this is probably wondering where I've been. After posting consistently (for the most part) for 2 straight years on STOB, all of the sudden I disappear without notice or warning. If you're one of the 4 other real people outside of...well even my mom doesn't follow me on Twitter...who follow me on Twitter (@BenMac_STOB) you would have noticed I kept blabbing away on there. 

So what was the deal?

The deal was I had my first child, a beautiful baby girl! I made a conscious decision a week or so prior that I needed to turn all of my attention to my soon to pop wife, Mrs. Duke, and then once baby arrived (Baby Duke?!?!) to the baby. After a little over a month I think we've raised her right, my job here is done, she is perfect. Not really, but my other baby, STOB, needed me, it was crying saying some creepy guy named Derrick was back and lil' STOB wasn't sure if he was friendly or a stranger. 

So I'm back, maybe on a lesser scale, to comfort lil' STOB and all the Google bots that read this, you're welcome Google're welcome.

Now I knew my life would change when lil' Ms. Duke Jr. (?!) arrived but I heard that you're entire outlook on life changed once you became a parent, yet I wasn't expecting it to happen in the way it did for me. The moment I knew I'd significantly changed my outlook on life came 10 days after lil' Duke (?!) arrived during the NBA Draft. 

The NBA Draft - Where Life Changing Realizations Happen!

Going into the Draft, I, like many Wolves fans, was rooting for one of the top SG's in the draft. Maybe trading up in the draft for Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore, or maybe staying pat and hoping Kentavious Caldwell-Pope fell to us at 9. After the trade of Trey Burke to Utah, I thought maybe something bigger was coming with the multiple first picks we had, trying to stay positive since all the names I'd wanted were now off the board (first sign). 

Then it happened:

You have to understand 11 days prior to that happening, Shabazz may have been the last guy I wanted the Wolves to draft. Yet, there I was, knowing that pick was going to the Wolves and that likely there weren't any other moves coming, Shabazz was our pick. You would have thought with my attitude the way it was 11 days prior I would have been irate and like many other Wolves fans thinking, "Maybe that David Kahn guy wasn't sooooo bad..."


I instantly looked at this pick glass half full. Why is that? I would consider myself a rather pessimistic person. If you look through my past posts I think you'd find for the most part I'm being snide and somewhat negative with most of my takes. So if there was any moment, any player, any team, any pick that I'd be negative on, this would be the one. Shabazz comes with so much baggage, plus I disliked him prior to the draft, and yet here I was positive about what could happen with his talents on the Timberwolves.

After a week or so of arguing with other Wolves fans that this was a good pick, and that Shabazz could be a good fit, I caught myself and thought. "Why am I so positive about this guy I used to hate?" Then it hit me. My life has changed, I was a father now. I saw a true miracle happen 11 days prior to Shabazz being drafted. My little daughter came into this world, breathed and cried within seconds and within only a handful of minutes was feeding. Seeing that all first hand, realizing this is a little piece of me and my beautiful wife, how could that not change me as a person? Change my outlook a bit on the world?

I realized how truly blessed I am 11 days before Shabazz Muhammad was drafted by the Timberwolves. Blessed to be married to the best woman in the world, blessed to have a healthy baby girl, blessed to have a great family, blessed to have great friends, blessed to have a job, even blessed to live in a time I can have this blog for two people (Hi Mom...again) and hundreds of bots. With all of that in mind then, how can I be negative on the Wolves getting a young man who, though not perfect, has the ability if things go his way to help my team?

I can't! Even the most pessimistic person would have to admit that there is a chance, however slim they may think it is, that Shabazz is a really good TPup. I'm not saying I won't be negative again, but on this one and I'd bet many other subjects, I'm now going to be a much more positive person.

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