Monday, July 15, 2013

Tapeball Home Run Derby ODDS

Derrick Grams goes into tonights derby looking for his 5th Title.

10th annual Tapeball Home Run Derby Starts tonight at 7 PM.  The lineup like the MLB lineup is chalk full of power.  Should be an exciting night of long shots and F-Bombs!  Who will be holding the coveted derby ball at the end of the night remains to be seen.  Here are the current ODDS determined by decorated Tapeball beat writer Luke Anderson:

Derrick Grams - wins 4 -Odds: 2:1

Derrick has win cred. He knows how to close. The upside is obvious, he's been there and done that and in impressive fashion many years. However, he is coming off a sub-par fourth of July by his standards and his new Nike bat does not seem to have the pop of previous bats. #sliveredalmond

Peter Draper  - wins 2*** Odds: 2-1

Draper has become like a campfire story to Tapeball. What once was a mainstay, has become a once a year encounter. But just like all good things that come around once every year, Draper's appearances on the diamond are worth the price of admission - free. As the werewolf is to the full moon, Draper is to the derby, it's slave. The derby is a siren's song, and PJD a lonely sea captain. Sparks will fly tonight, and when I say sparks, I mean F-bombs. And when I say F-bombs, I mean … well f-bombs. But make no mistake, the home runs will be pounded so deep into the right field tree line, no amount of sweat pant layering will be able to protect us shaggers from the tapestry of poison ivy that will canvas our entire bodies by the time he's done with his round. #gila

Joe Nyquist - wins 1 -  Odds: 4:1

Joe hit 5 towering shots to the warning track in the July 4th classic. He has a good derby swing and enough experience now to know how to handle the pressure. Expect to see him late in the night. #warningtrackpower?

Ken Smith - Odds 5:1

Ken did mash in his only tapeball game experience. Granted, that was much closer to the steroid era when games ended 48-34 and bats were covered in enough tape to literally fold under their own weight, but still the power for a newbie was not to be overlooked. For a derby new-comer, the pressure will be unfamiliar to Ken, time will show how he holds up. Issues like bat choice, pitcher choice and pitch selectivity will be much more important for a first time derby contestant who doesn't have the luxury of the level of comfort the other contestants have. #

Austin Tofte - Odds 5:1

Austin is a Derby vet and his sweet lefty stroke reminds one of a simpler time when the swing oil flowed free and Joel didn't pitch in jean shorts. But, his textbook swing often produces shots to right center where he loses potential dingers in the maple tree that towers over the wall. Tofte will have to keep his composure through said adversity and maintain his normal early round groove further than he has in previous years. #mikeschmidt

Ben McDonald - Odds 6:1

Ben hit well and showed some Adam Dunn-like sky bomb power when he played back in the steroid era. While the same derby first timer questions look over Ben’s unnecessarily tall head, other questions arise aw well: Has fatherhood take the bite out of the Big Brown Bear? When it comes time to bring out the killer instinct, will Ben bare his teeth? Or hum a lullaby? When he has 9 outs and only one to go, will he roar like a Kodiak? Or will he look at the pitch and say, “here comes the airpwane!!! As with many contestants, the mental make up of McDonald when the lights come on is yet to be seem, but will likely have a huge impact on his performance. #B3 #babyonboard

Luke Anderson - wins 1 - Odds: 8-1

That one victory seems oh so long ago. Constant battles with weight, injury, inflexibility, over-flexibility, a manic obsession for a bat that, under it's one layer of yellow tape, most likely has a bigger crack in it than the liberty bell, it makes it almost impossible to handicap this contestant. Also considering the fact that I'm me and I'm the one doing the handicapping, this feels like self-nepotism. Something to help you in your bet placing. Anderson did have 2 homeruns in the 4th Classic, one with the boomstick and one with a real bat. Both cleared the wall by less than the distance between Bentley's hip joints where the cartilage used to be, but even so. We will see how he does using a real bat all derby. #09wasafluke

Paul Muehlhauser - Odds 15:1

Paul is Sports. #sports

Joe Mason - Odds 15:1

We all know that Mase can pitch, but can he hit under the immense pressure of the derby.  This is his first stab at the mid summer event and the fans are excited to see what he's got! #maseinyourface

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