Monday, October 6, 2014

Drink All Day. Drink All Night.

Happy Monday STOBer’s!

Did you all have just an amazing weekend? No? Well then it sucks to be you.
I had a great weekend. Not only did I have a full day buzz on Saturday, but the Royals beat the hell out of the Angels all weekend and the Orioles put the smack down on the Tigers. Don’t bother with the “But Ken, you are from MN. I thought you were a Twins fan”. I am. But I also own a pair of New Era Hats; one of which is of the Royals, the other of the Orioles. So yeah, that’s like $70 worth of reasons why I should be cheering them on; even if the Royals did screw me and my pals at my bachelor party.
Alright, that’s it for sports talk. If you are looking for more of that, check out ESPN; I hear they are talking about Johnny Football still.
Back to that all day buzz I was talking about. The Gal and I ventured off with two friends to Wisconsin and drank a good amount of wine, which I didn’t think I liked. However, the red wines really hit the spot. The other three were fans of the fruity wines….to each their own I guess.
After about 1,000 samples we decided we should head back to Minnesota and keep the party going in the hip, now, with it and wow part of town; Northeast Minneapolis. Flanked by peddle pubs and mopeds we found ourselves at Stanley’s Bar. We were sent there with hopes of cheap happy hour drinks but the damn website is the devil and told lies to our wallets. After one drink I politely lied to the waitress and told her we needed our tab because, “We are on a pub crawl!” She assumed we were hipsters like the rest of the people that frequent Northeast so she believed it and replied “Oh yes, it’s a great night for it!”
Pissed and still thirsty we made our way about 4 minutes away to a place called Dusty’s Bar. Home of the Hot Dago! I’m not going to take the time to tell you what it is, go there. You won’t be mad. Unless you wear bedazzled jeans or some shit.
Full on food, beer and 90’s references we thought it best to make our way about 1 minute down the road to get our tropical on. That’s right; we went to Psycho Suzi’s. This. Place. Was. Packed. However, the waterfalls and promises of tiki drinks still lured us in.
After walking in and seeing no places to rest our tipsy asses, we almost headed outside until we saw a small hut with 4 empty seats. We soon found out why these seats were empty.  Drinks in this section = $$$$$$ if this was a yelp review. That didn’t stop us though, we each ordered tasty concoctions and enjoyed the steel drums and “Mad Men” feel of the joint. Hell, I even allowed myself an Old Fashioned.
Cheeks hot and liver kicking, we decided that it was time to call it a day. Well, I went home and had more adult sodas, but that’s to be expected. Then I passed out. End scene.
Until next time.

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