Friday, October 3, 2014

Guess Who's Back!

Or on your phone while you are going to bathroom at work; either way, we are back. As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted much of anything on this site in a long time. Since I know you are all wondering why that is, I’m here to let you know.
Ben –
What can I say? He started watching “Whale Wars”, got addicted and headed out to sea. Don’t believe me, follow his twitter @sandiegowhalevagina; it’s a great follow. I have Skyped with him a few times since this venture and he seems to really be enjoying it. To give you an image, he kind of looks like Forrest Gump, the running version, mixed with Oscar the Grouch. You know, ruggedly handsome.
Derrick –
Derrick found a dollar on the street while walking his pug; went into a store to buy a scratch off ticket and won $8. Since then, no one has heard from him. There is a rumor that he is now the caddy for Chi Chi Rodriguez, but that is yet to be confirmed. We have an SOS out for him right now and would love to get an interview with the old producer. If you know where he is, hit me up @stobblog.
Ken –
After many failed blog attempts (4th and Gopher, Topless Buns, The Long Pour), I found myself belly up at a bar contemplating where I went wrong. Drunk,  I went home and cried about the LFL success that went down the drain and I started watching my DVR full of Golden Girls. Then it hit me like a switch, I should start doing STOB again! So yeah, that’s that.
So now that you know where we have been and what we have been up to, you are probably wondering what’s next for STOB. Well, we won’t be so sports heavy. Why you ask? It’s simple really, it didn’t work out. This time we will be free flowing and letting it all hang out.
Oh sure, we will still throw some sports talk in there, but it will mainly be the C topic of any post. So get ready world, WE ARE BACK!

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