Monday, October 13, 2014

Party Like A Bauhaus

It’s Monday and the start of a great week! Okay, maybe that is a little over enthusiastic; but hey at least you are a day closer to the weekend. By the way, STOB has decided the weekend is Fo’ Sho’ the best part of the week.
Anyway, yet again, we had a great weekend. What made it so great? Well, let me tell you.
First off, Friday night I was lucky enough to join the rowdiest fan section in all of the NBA, The T-Wolves Army, thanks to Whacker Clapper. Again, I can’t stress enough at how awesome these guys are and their product is second to none when it comes to making a lot of noise at any sporting event. Check them out now. That’s right, leave our blog and go buy some now!
Side note – I had the opportunity to win a shirt by making the Nerf ball into the hoop on the guys back (if you haven’t been to a game, you have no idea what I’m talking about). Lets just say I missed. Bad.

After the game some buddies and I decided it best to hit up a spot downtown called Uncle Buck’s. The name couldn’t be more fitting. They are providing a great service to people that don’t want to spend a lot of money. The drinks are you call it from 9-11 for the low, low price of $1. That’ right. I drank them out of Grain Belt Premium. Not kidding.
Knowing I had big day coming up Saturday, I thought it best to grab the inevitable slice(s) of pizza and call it a night.
Saturday started off amazingly as my awesome wife decided to make pancakes.  I couldn’t agree more with my buddy Karl who says, “Pancakes are the best! I’d eat them for every meal if I could”. So yeah, I was pretty happy.

After the pancakes and quick shower it was time to head to 612 Brewery’s taproom. It’s here where STOB hugged it out and decided we missed each other and it just felt right to share how awesome we are with the rest of the world.
We chugged a few beers, watched the Gopher game on my phone and figured we should move on to our next stop where we would record our first ever vlog. If you want to watch it, check out the post before this one.
Our last stop was Brau Haus Taproom. I have to say, this place is awesome. The space is huge and very inviting. The beer was a hit with the crew as well. Again, our vlog tells you everything you need to know about our stop here.
With our afternoon buzz going strong, we figured it was time to call it a day. You know how it is when you hit that mark where you either need to get wasted or call it off before you get a monster headache. 
Speaking of headaches, the Vikings suck.
Bye for now.