Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Royal Fury

No, this isn’t MTV Raps, but Yo! is what I wanted to use. So…yeah.
Alright, I’m a little sleepy today due to the fact that I saw the awesome movie, “Fury”. This is a movie theatre movie fo’ sho’, so get your ass off the couch and check it out. Not to mention I stayed up late watching the Royals get “Rock Bottomed” and my cat Griffin wanted to play all night.
Even though I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep, I wanted to give you a recap of the first game of the Indianapolis 500 in case you missed it. Saddle up, here it comes!
These are two teams that hate each other with a passion. Both have their backs against the wall and it’s win or go home. The NBA can be grueling. You are on the road for 16 games, not to mention the worthless pre-season.
So these guys are tired and beat down. And who can blame them? Lasting eight seconds on a bull is hard work; just ask Mike Tyson.
Despite all of the flat tires and crashes, these teams smacked birdie after birdie on their way to an historical Derby finish. If you put money on either team, you are happy. Both runners crossed the finish line and the payout was HUGE! I cashed in on Fan Duel last night. Drinks on me!
Anyway, back to the match. The pitch was rough, no doubt about it. Volley after volley yet no one could take a commanding lead. That was until the Giants running backs controlled the ground game. It was amazing. I’ve really never seen anyone control the rough waters and shark attacks like these swimmers did. Wow!
The end result wasn’t as close as the home fans would have wanted, but they did get an amazing show. The fierceness of each scrum was outstanding and you could tell these gals really battled. And really, that is all you can ask for.

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