Monday, October 20, 2014

Sisyphus Beers, Laughs and Nebraska Pumpkins

Happy Monday STOB’ers. Hope all is well out there wherever you are. Hopefully your hangovers are finally coming to a much needed end.
My weekend actually started on Thursday; don’t be jealous. My wife and I, along with some other friends, ventured out to yet another awesome taproom. This time we were at Sisyphus which is located near Dunwoody College.
We decided to head out there and take in some board games as well as their FREE monthly comedy show. Being the early bird that I am, my wife and I were the first of our group to arrive. This was perfect as it allowed us to get a table and for me to kick the crap out of April in Connect 4 before her friends got there.  I didn’t want her leaving in shame.
The rest of the group arrived, the comedy started – some of us belly laughed – others cringed. So I guess you could say the comedians did exactly what they set out to do.
Buzzed on delicious, strong beer; I handed the keys over to April and we headed home.
The next morning, with Omaha on our minds, we woke up before the alarm and got an early start. The 6 hour drive in front of us, I thought it best to fill my gut with Chick-fil-A before heading out. Best. Choice. Ever. They even gave me a free breakfast item to try. This day was going to be amazing, I could already tell. Right?
Spring ahead 5 ½ hours –
BOOM! About 30 minutes from our destination, our tire explodes on the busiest highway going into Omaha….during rush hour. Seeing as the tire was on the driver side facing all the traffic, April thought it best I not change it in fear of me getting killed.
Call made to roadside assistance, we settled in for the 60-90 minute wait. Much to our surprise, a person shows up within like 15 minutes. Only this wasn’t the assistance guy, this was just a good person helping us out. We couldn’t have been more thankful.
4 new tires later, we made it to Nana’s house. Annoyed and hungry, I was pleasantly surprised that we would be dinning at PepperJax. If you love philly’s, you need to go here.
The next morning arrived and it was time to head out to Vala’s Pumpkins Patch with Grandma Lois and the gang. This is a yearly tradition and it’s pretty awesome. There are a ton of attractions to take in – not to mention G-Ma Lois balls out and makes it rain – so yeah, if you get the invite you better RSVP. Seriously, whatever you want, you get. No questions asked.
Sunday came quickly and it was time to hit the open road once again.
Luckily this time the tires were fine. The only thing that sucked, per usual, was the Vikings.

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