Monday, November 3, 2014

Who Hates Iowa?!

With the Gophers coming off of their most disappointing loss in who can remember how long; the Gophers look to bounce back and take out the Hawkeyes and hold Floyd high!
This will be no easy task. Sure, Iowa isn’t the powerhouse they once were but the Gophers have the stink of two weeks ago lingering on their tongues like a bad shot of tequila - Which, by the way, might be the way to go in order to stay warm if you decide to brave the elements and tailgate.
If the UofM wants to have any hope of not being the same team they have been under Kill so far in his run here, a win against Iowa will be a great start in showing they mean business.
They are still very much in the race to win the West, but I believe they will need to run the table. And that Illinois game might be the fuel they need to carry them through to the end.
Lidner needs to be on top of his game. If he truly is healthy, run more. Kid is a beast and is a huge assist if his legs are working.
Cobb has been nearly unstoppable. Sure, you could point to his fumble as being a key factor as to why they didn’t win their last game, but that wouldn’t be fair. He has carried this team all year long. One mistake does not define a year.
I predict the fans will come out loud and fired up for this game. This will be needed as the Gophers need all the energy to can get in order to pull off this win.
It won’t be easy, but if you make your voices heard…this team might just be one step closer to smelling roses.
Gophers 28
Hawkeyes 10
Take it to the bank!

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