Thursday, April 26, 2018

An Imperfect Science - 2018 NFL Draft

The Wild recently lost in 5, the Timberwolves lost in 5, and the Twins have been outscored 48-15 in their last 5 games.
So the only thing we really have to look forward to at this time is the MN Vikings. Yes those same Vikings who broke our heart less than 4 months ago. Tonight is the NFL draft and the Vikings hold the number 30th pick. Now if it were me I would just keep stacking up on defense every year and have 5 running backs.
I would keep running the ball and play amazing defense, who could honestly stop that team? BUT, since I'm not an NFL GM or Todd Mcshay, I have to listen to what the experts are telling me.
According to they have us taking Leighton Vander Esch a LB out of Boise State. Adding to an already stacked defense sounds good to me, plus we didn't exactly shine on defense in the NFC championship this year. If we can make an already good defense even better, that will make most Vikings fans happy.
According to SB nation the 30th best pick is Mike Hughes CB out of Central Florida. Again anything we can do to add to our defense will help us in the long run. Offensive players in free agency will be more likely to sign here if the team is loaded on one side of the ball and they have a chance at a championship.
After all of that I do believe we will either take offensive line or whoever the best available player is at number 30. I could also see GM Rick Spielman making major moves and moving up into the first round or down a few spots into the 2nd round.
In previous years watching Spielman maneuver the draft in the first round has been one of the main reasons I have tuned in. Either way tonight won't make or break the Vikings like it can for a team at the top of the draft. Whoever the pick is tonight I just hope will make a positive impact on our team immediately.


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